News 10 Feb 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog post for February 10th, 2017. This week we released Bloons Super Monkey 2 on the Amazon app store, update 4.1 for BTD Battles, moved closer to global release for Tower Keepers and got some press codes for BTD5 on... actually I'm not sure we've announced that yet!


BTD Battles Mobile 4.1

Version 4.1 is now live on iOS and Google Play!

Supercharge your strategy as BTD Battles gets a major balance overhaul! Several monkeys and bloons have been adjusted so make sure to check out the patch notes to see what strategies may be mixed up.

We've also introduced a match code system. Just create a match, give the code to your friend and they'll be able to join instantly!

With these changes there will be some adjustment time and we hope players will see what works, what they like and what they don't like so we can take the feedback and continue to fine tune Battles' balance. Check out the thread on the forums to see more details about the changes and leave any comments you have. Click here for the forum thread.

Tower Keepers

Tower Keepers 1.5 is coming soon! Check out this page to see what sort of changes you'll be seeing (if you're playing already) or just to get excited about the game being release in your region :)


NK Poem Competition


Last week I asked for an NK related poem for the chance to take home (figuratively) 100 NK coins! This week I'm picking two whole winners.


The bloons were happy
In their small little town
But all the monkeys saw this
And looked upon it with a frown.
So they all charged in
with darts and rangs.
This tragedy went on
For days and days.
But they built an army
To protect what was theirs.
Thermal, shelled, and massive.
The monkeys were caught unawares.
But they built their armies, too,
And the bloons were helpless, frozen and glued.
It was time now, it certainly seemed,
To move to the desert they called Bloon Dunes.
At first these bloons seemed to have peace,
But the monkeys came again, ready to kill.
It seemed the monkeys would take it all,
Every last forest, desert, and hill.
The war waged on for years upon years.
The monkeys continued to destroy, and no bloon was spared.
It seemed there was no escape from this genocide.
Every bloon was heavily dispaired.
Then they discovered a brand new land
That was covered in snow and as of yet unknown.
The monkeys can't inhabit such Frozen Fields!
There was no way the bloons could be overthrown.
So they migrated to this holy land,
and lived in peace, just as they predicted.
The monkeys never lived here, and they never will.
Unless, of course, one day they did...
- k1d_5h31d0n

Bloons are flying,
Monkeys are shooting darts,
Lead bloons broke gravity rules,
How can even one lead fly?
Leads can fly, but how?
Maybe because lead got more bloons in it?
Such a mysterious bloon that is,
How do you fit so much bloons in one bloon anyways?
I guess you can,
With dark magic!
But are the monkeys only one?
That's another mystery!
Monkeys are only animals,
I wonder why.
Is it a monkey land?
Are the bloons alive?
Chill, this is a game!
Nothing is mysterious, here.
Why even try to solve mysteries?
If there are infinite of them?

- Ninjakiwikeken

Congratulations to the two winners!


Questions from the Comments:

Is it possible to remove the Bloater from Apocalypse?
No, I don't believe it is.
What is your opinion on The Grand Mac vs. The Big Mac?
We don't have The Grand Mac here unfortunately. Big Macs are quite delicious so I hope it NZ gets The Grand Mac soon.
Are you going to update SAS4 web or mobile?
There are no plans for further updates to SAS4.
Any chance of a leader board in Battles that is affected by losses?
It's not something we've looked into so I don't think it would happen for the current Battles. Sounds like an interesting idea :)
Will you update BTD5 web?
There should be more updates for BTD5 web though they will most likely be limited to vaults and new tracks. There is no current development for BTD5 so no ETA on an update at this stage.
Could the 2x Alloy maps be changed more often and have more variety?
We limited the number of maps that could have 2x Alloy to avoid some bugs but we're open to making changes. We need enough people to ask for the changes so be sure to give us feedback.
What are your thoughts on Tracer being gay?
This is the first I've heard and I'm outraged!


Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully the poems didn't make you question how evil bloons are! Have a great weekend and leave any questions or feedback in the comments below :)


EDIT: There won't be blog post on Friday 17th!