News 30 Sep 2016

This week everyone has been busy getting Tower Keepers or Bloons Super Monkey 2 ready for launch and that means I haven't got any news :o These two awesome games will be publicly available very soon and the excitement to get them into your hands is palpable. For now though, here's a short Tower Keepers clip:



Poem and/or Rhyming Thing Contest

I want you to write a poem and/or rhyming thing that relates to Ninja Kiwi for the chance to win 100 NK coins for your account.

Please submit entries to [email protected] with the subject "NK Poem Contest - [your user name]"
One entry per person
8 lines minimum
Keep it clean, have some fun and have your entry in before midnight Thursday UTC.


Questions from the Comments:

Why did you remove Occupation events in Bloons Monkey City?
Occupation events were always less popular and we felt that with the current players it was better to continue forward with more accessible rewards.
Will you ever add the proposed City Honor changes to Bloons Monkey City web?
No, I don't think so. I will be trying to get some minor changes in to make Honor accumulation easier.
If you DID have plans for BMC mobile, and one of those plans was a second city, would you make it the Frozen Fields?
Nope, we would do Bloon Dunes.
AU/NZ pre-release candidates [for Tower Keepers]? So no Americans yet, eh?
Not yet, no. Other regions will be following very soon after initial release though :)
Are there any brains in jars working on your staff?
Just the one.

Thanks for stopping by! Leaving any questions or comments below and good luck with everything!