News 08 Jul 2016

Hello Ninja Kiwi blog readers! Welcome to another blog where I don't have much news for you! And what better way to celebrate a lack of meaningful content than to have a meme making competition!


Ninja Kiwi Meme Creation Contest!

Memes come in all shapes and sizes and have been around for many years. As Internet denizens we've all come across some, but now it's time to see if you can make one worthy of a What's Up at Ninja Kiw blog post (a tall order, I'm sure). All you need to do is put your meme cap on and come up with a one that relates to Ninja Kiwi in some way. Only respectful entries will be considered... you know who I'm talking about...

The prize will be something random for a game you want (please specify) and a title of your* choice for the NK forums.

Put your meme together, upload it to an image hosting site and leave it in a comment below.
One entry per person
Have fun!


Questions from the Comments:

Where is NK spending their time at the moment?
At HQ, the devs are mainly focused on Tower Keepers and some unannounced projects. There will be a BTD5 web update soonish (mentioned last week). SAS4 then BMC then Battles won't get content updates but are still on the priority list more or less.
What's in the alloy used in Fortress Destroyer?
Sugar and spice and non-specified lore.
Will you add a BTD5/SAS4 suggestions forum?
Not at this stage.
When will Battles web win/loss bug be fixed?
We don't know sorry! We've been investigating and it's related to out of date code trying to interact with newer code. It needs time to fix but the only person who can fix it has very limited time. I'm pestering often though.
Have you ever smashed a Magic 8-ball?
Outlook not so good.
Is BMC development over?
Web? Yes. We'll hopefully touch some things up but no more content.
Can BMC web city honor system change within the next decade?
Why does the T-101 Feldhaubitz look like a leaf blower?
Till Schmeisser was working on his cousin's leaf blower (or vacuum cleaner?) when Teknoboom's CEO asked for something to present to the board. Schmeisser accidentally grabbed the leaf blower and spent five minutes introducing his new weapon before realising his mistake. Not willing to admit it, future prototypes of that weapon were changed to resemble what he had shown the board. 
What would be noteworthy enough to merit a title, do we need to fight a Honey Badger?
No, we won't reward such dangerous behaviour. I'll know it when I see it.

And here we are at the end! Well done on getting this far. If you've got a question, feedback, contest idea, competition entry or something else, please feel free to use the comment section below. Have a fabulous weekend!





*has to be accepted by me