News 22 Apr 2016

Bloons TD Battles - Steam Version

This week we released the premier head-to-head Bloons game to Steam.


I'm sure you're all familiar with BTD Battles so I won't go into things, but I would recommend grabbing the Steam version seeing what you think! It's free, fast and the game matches the mobile version including its updates.


SAS4 Drawing Competition - Armour Edition

Last week I asked for drawings of hypothetical armour that could appear in SAS4 and you delivered! The first, first and a half and first and three quarters entries get 3, 2 and 1 Elite Augment Core respectively.

Here are the winners!

3: CWJ-D


2: SillyCow1

This is called the Antimatter armor. It is especially resistant to physical and heat, bit lacking In the chemical resistance department. It is a powered suit which gets its power from the core on the chest plate. It also has a decent speed bonus and takes a certain percentage of the penalty off of the guns you carry.


1: PenguinForce

Critical Mass Presents...
CM Powersuit Untouchable series Model 55, the ultimate war-machine of the 32nd century. Only available to Elites who cannot play a game with lag, without a medic, or without (someone) having a powerful weapon.


Congratulations to CWJ-D, SillyCow1 and PenguinForce. You'll find a core or two/three waiting on your account!


Questions from the Comments:

Are there any female monkeys in the BTD series?
The monkeys aren't explicitly any gender so you could assume they have the same numbers as the general monkey population...
What new item would you like to add to the Wheel of Fate in the coming months?
How would you feel about more blop cash..?
Why'd you switch-swatch the .swfs?
Just felt like changing them.
What ws the hardest game to develop on this site?
Not having done any I couldn't say (and I suspect there would be some bias if I asked). Bloons Monkey City or SAS Zombie Assault 4 would probably take the cake, though.
What would happen if Teknoboom manufactured armour?
I don't know but the image of a walking explosion springs to mind... and I like it.
No you didn't :(