News 11 Mar 2016

SAS Zombie Assault 4 Haiku Competition

Thanks for the entries, everyone! After reading through them I've come up with the top 3 SAS 4 Haiku

3rd: Brickmeister1917

I've tanked through the maps,
Alone and together. But,
Those blasted Runners!
2nd: GoldenWhale
Dismembered zombies'
Heads roll around in the dirt.
Football, anyone?
1st: mb_nk-btd
Dreaming of sprinting
down gore-splashed hallways. Alas,
I am a Heavy
Congratulations! One, two and three Elite Cores have been sent your respective ways!


Questions from the Comments:

What hotkeys will Battles Steam have? What kind of contest did the NK team come up with to decide that?
At the moment we're planning for tower select, upgrade and sell hotkeys. We won't have bloon send hotkeys in at launch. Luckily we agreed pretty quickly on that. I don't think I could handle losing more fingers.
Favourite card from a standard deck of 52 playing cards?
I've always been a fan of the Four of Diamonds.
What is your favourite fun in SAS4?
What annoys you the most?
Favourite dice game?
Has to be Yahtzee.
If you could select a new mod, who would it be?
If? Psh, I could select a new mod right now if I wanted. There are a few people who I think could be good but we won't have more mods until... well, not yet anyway.
Got any dirt on maybe when the new forums might start coming along?
Not yet, unfortunately. They're closer than they were a month ago at least :)
Did you spill your coffee again, Aaron?
Coffee is continually spilling around me. I just can't help it.
Which is more powerful in your opinion: Red Plasticyte or a toaster?
I get this question a lot and while I instinctively know a toaster is more powerful, I've never been able to put into words why exactly. I think a lot of it just comes down to toasters being able to make delicious toast. Though Red Plasticyte on bread could be good...
What would you prefer, Umbreon or a pre-release of Pokemon Sun/Moon exclusive to you?
An IRL Umbreon? Could be dangerous...

Out of curiosity [good reason to ask a question in my opinion], are there any plans to implement tower or features of BTD5 Steam into BTD5 web?


No, unfortunately.


I hope you enjoyed the Haiku and the blog post in general. If you have a question, comment, competition idea or perhaps a funny anecdote, please leave it below and I'll see you all next week.