News 29 Jan 2016
It's the end of January and NK HQ is busy creating new things to get out to you all. Nothing big yet but we've got patches/updates on the way, work being done on Tower Keepers and some super special secret games hiding on our computers while we whip them into shape (nice whipping though).
Competition - Draw a (Ninja Kiwi related) Thing!
This week's competition is for drawing. Rack your brains for something related to Ninja Kiwi and then turn it into a masterful piece of drawn art. Once you've got it down, upload it to an image hosting site and then post a comment below with the link and title of your piece of art. One entry per person. I'll pick my favourite(s) and announce a winner on the next blog post. Make sure to check the competition terms and conditions. Entries close around 2:00 am UTC on Friday, 5th of February.
The winner will get 3 (three) Elite Augment Cores for the web version of SAS Zombie Assault 4.
There are bonus points for unique ideas and it's not just about drawing skill. Good luck!
Questions from the comments:
Which game do you think deserves a sequel?
Battle Panic or Counter Snipe. Leaning a bit more towards BP.
Will we get new avatars soon?
We'll likely get new avatars out when we next introduce a bunch of new AP. That will be with the next game release so maybe not "soon".
Is BMC (web) nearing completion (in the sense that the devs are not planning to add or implement new things to the game)?
More or less, yep. There aren't any features waiting to be created.

Just a short post this week! Comment below if you have questions, feedback, ideas about competitions and of course your competition entry if you're wanting to get your hands on a few Cores.