News 15 Jan 2016

Happy New Year! 2016 is off to a great start here at NK HQ; we've got a whole year of NK Awesomeness in the kitchen and everyone is excited for what we'll be bringing to the table. We've given out free bread in the form of some bug fixes but we're not ready for the first course. Don't pick up your knives and forks just yet, but we've got a whole lot of Awesomeness to serve up as we move deeper into 2016. What are the courses? When will they be served? Has this metaphor gone too far?


Competition Time - Think of a Holiday Themed Gun!

Just a simple competition to start the year. I want you to think of a new name and description for a current gun from SAS Zombie Assault 4 in the style we used for the Halloween and Christmas themed weapons. What you need to do is think of a holiday/event (doesn't have to be Halloween or Christmas) and then think of a new name for a gun that fits the holiday/event and matches the gun.

Once you've got your idea, leave a comment on this blog post. I'll go through all the comments next Friday (NZ time) and pick my 5 favourites. The 5 players who submitted those ideas will get a Black Strongbox and Black Key added to their account for SAS4 web. One entry per person. Read the competition terms here. Have fun (or else).


Questions from the Comments:
Battles Web update?
We have no current plans for an update to Battles web.
Will you ever buff the Glaive Lord?
Over my dead body!
Will you bring Road to Fame to the NK website?
Nope. Road to Fame is no longer being worked on.
Will chat be added to Mobile SAS4? Will you be able to log in to your web account on mobile?
Unlikely that chat will be added. No, SAS4 mobile will never be able to use your web data.
If you were a secret agent, you'd still deny it, right?
      I would never deny being a secret agent if I were a secret agent.
Aaron, if you could start NK over again, would you change anything/do anything differently?
I'd call it Ninja Pukeko for one.
Does the main BTD5 theme have lyrics?
No, but it could be fun to try writing some.
Did Star Wars Episode VII come out a day earlier in New Zealand than the USA?
Very possibly. Might need to check IMDB.
Anyway, what is your opinion on Star Wars?
I have a very high opinion on Star Wars. Particularly KotOR (1 and 2). The new movie is great and the universe in general is pretty interesting.
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Spongebob Squarepants.
Aaron, do you read every single question every?
Why no blog post in so long?
What do you call this!? The NK staff have been away from work for most of the time.

Thanks for stopping by! Any questions? Leave a comment!