News 23 Oct 2015

It isn't long till Halloween and you'll have noticed the various changes across a nice selection of NK games to make sure the spirit of Halloween stays strong. We do this so that we do not get haunted. Thank you for being so considerate Mrs. Ghost.

Bloons TD 5 Mobile - Update 3.0

BTD5 mobile has levelled up! But are you good enough to keep up? Masteries mode has been added to BTD5 to see if you have what it takes to become the ultimate Bloons master. To unlock masteries you need ALL the medals for the beginner tracks and at least a Bronze medal on every other track.

Once you've got this masterful mode, bloons will be tougher, there are more rewards, upgrades and 5 new exclusive medals per map.

There's also a fancy new feature on iPhone 6s devices. Force Touch support lets players push hard on any tower to activate its ability, assuming it has the ability of course.

If you're a fan, and we know you are, grab the update and see how well you can do!


Bloons Monkey City Mobile - Version 1.7

Mini-Events have come to BMC mobile! Limited time events, much like BMC web has, allow you to gain extra rewards such as Monkey Knowledge Packs and Bloonstones by taking part in whatever challenge the event poses. There's something special in there for Halloween so if you don't want to be haunted either I recommend grabbing BMC mobile (it's free after all) and start building your city.


Awesome In-Game Art Competition Winner!

I asked you to create something in one of our games and you delivered! But who was the winner?

unknown2000 is the winner with this picture and the accompanying quote:


I did my picture, because I wanted to show that even small things are valuable. That you should appreciate even the smallest things in life. Someone might have better things than you do, but if you appreciate all the things you have, they're more valuable than you think. - unknown2000


Congratulations unknown2000! I've dusted off some old Monkey Knowledge packs and left them in your city.

Questions from the Comments:
On a scale of one to ten, how much do you hate "First!" comments?
1 being no hate and 10 being all the hate in the world... about 1.05
Any plans for a new major bloons (TD, SM, whatever) release?
Any future games (not just bloons) will be announced when we are ready to announce them. It's probably not going to happen from a question sorry.
"Aaron forgot ..."
How convenient...
What kind of candy do you like the most?
Some good honest Whittaker's chocolate.
Are the bloons sentient?
>_> who's asking? As much as some of us would like to have it, there's very little in the way of official bloons canon. What you can gleam from the games, accounting for game-play, is all we're giving for now. The reasoning for this is that we don't want to paint ourselves into a corner which would be especially scary considering the whimsical nature of the bloons franchise.
Who is the leader of the zombies in the SAS4 world?
As far as the declassified SAS reports go, there is no known zombie leader.
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
I'll most likely be rocking a pirate outfit.
Will you add any in-game changes for Christmas/Winter as well?
Maybe. Too early to be sure but it's something we've done before.
Will there ever be a way to make MvM attacks and the Bloon Beacon respawn on a different tile, or make them avoid a certain tile completely?
I don't think so. The problem of players wanting to keep tiles is a problem they've created for themselves. I appreciate the reasoning but it isn't something we feel is important enough to create a solution for.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!