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  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 10 February, 2017

    News - 10 Feb 2017
    Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog post for February 10th, 2017. This week we released Bloons Super Monkey 2 on the Amazon app store, update 4.1 for BTD Battles, moved closer to global release for Tower Keepers and got some press codes for BTD5 on... actually I'm not sure we've announced that yet!   BTD Battles Mobile 4.1 Version 4.1 is now live on iOS and Google Play! Supercharge your strategy as BTD Battles gets a major balance overhaul! Several monkeys and bloons hav... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 3 February, 2017

    News - 03 Feb 2017
    Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog post for February 3rd, 2017. This week we submitted Tower Keepers 1.5 to Apple and Google, nearly ready for global launch in two weeks! The patch notes for the update are long and varied, with points such as "Cost to buy food halved," "New quests for Feasts, Wizard's Tower and Catacombs," "Wizard's Chosen" and "CHICKENS!" I'm sure you all know what I'm most excited about.   NK Poem Competition:... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 27 January, 2017

    News - 27 Jan 2017
    Hello folks! Welcome to the blog post for January 27th, 2017! This week we released a bug fix update for BTD Battles mobile as well as an update for BSM2 mobile with bug fixes, balance changes and a fancy change-log so you can see what's happened within the game. As we move closer to global launch for Tower Keepers mobile, and then GDC at the end of February, we're starting to look at revealing some new games including the development progress of some new fantastical IP. No other news th... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 20 January, 2017

    News - 20 Jan 2017
    Hello everyone and welcome to the blog post for January 20th, 2017! We have had no releases this week, except to remove the holiday themes in BTD5 and Battles. Our development teams are working on more updates, including changes to clans and tournaments (including player accessible customization!) and a whole heap of balance changes for BTD Battles soon after that. New BSM2 and BTD5 mobile content is also being prepared and the Tower Keepers team are squishing those last bugs for the global l... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 13 January, 2017

    News - 13 Jan 2017
    Hellooo everyone and welcome to the blog post for Friday the 13th of January :o I hope your Christmas/New Year/Holiday went and/or is still going well and you're ready to take on whatever crazy shenanigans happen in 2017. The NK offices are back up and running and the Dev teams are all fresh, ready to start delivering some fantastic games and content out to you all.   Bloons Monkey City Web - 2x Honor in Hardcore Mode This week we got an update out for BMC web to remove the Win... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 14 December, 2016

    News - 14 Dec 2016
    Hello everyone! Welcome to the last blog post for 2016! In about a week the two Ninja Kiwi offices will start to empty as the developers go off to spend time with friends and family. The ship sales on though, so a small crew will be staying here to keep things going. As always, make sure to contact support if you do need help with anything. We'll keep response times as low as possible and keep an eye out for game/site/server issues that may be getting in the way of things. When the office... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 02 December, 2016

    News - 02 Dec 2016
    Hey everyone! Welcome to the blog post for December 2nd, 2016. The start of December means it's nearly time for the developers to disappear for Christmas and get ready for 2017. Over the next few weeks we have a bunch of updates to get out to you all. Tower Keepers 1.4 will be first, then updates for BTD5 mobile, Battles mobile, BSM2 mobile and BTD5 web. SAS4 and BMC will get the customary Christmas/Holiday/Winter changes and some events to spice things up over the break. No updates this ... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 24 November, 2016

    News - 24 Nov 2016
    Good afternoon y'all! Welcome to the blog post for today, the 24th of November. It's been a slow week for things to talk about, but a busy week in here getting ready for end-of-year updates, Christmas parties and announcements for what to expect next year.   NK Picture Competition! Last week I asked for some NK pictures for a chance to win NK coins, and here are your winners! 3rd: Meralla (25 NK coins)   2nd: island ko (50 NK coins) 1st: Some Try Ha... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 18 November, 2016

    News - 18 Nov 2016
    Hi everyone! Welcome to the blog post for November 18, 2016! It's been a quiet week on the release front, but the team has made progress on end of year updates, new games, exciting prize opportunities and general plans for More Awesomeness in 2017. As we get Tower Keepers' 1.4 update ready we're looking to early next year for the world wide release. Keep an eye on the blog, social media and your device app store for updates on current games.   NK Picture Competition Thi... read more
  • What's Up At Ninja Kiwi? - 11 November, 2016

    News - 11 Nov 2016
    Hello fellow humans! Welcome to the blog post for November 11, 2016. Bloons Super Monkey 2 mobile was released last week and Tower Keepers just before that in the Australia and New Zealand app stores. There's a Battles mobile update out now and everyone at Ninja Kiwi is looking towards the end of the year. We're working out what we'll be able to get done in the next 6 weeks and planning the year ahead with updates and new games just on the horizon. It's been an exciting week a... read more