Leeisateam, We Wish You All The Best!

Goodbye YouTube... :( Sad news :( I'm enlisting for national service tomorrow (12 February 2019) so I will probably upload much less often. This wasn't my choice; every male around the age of 18 is forced to join the army in Singapore. This will last 2 years, so I will only be out of the army in February 2021. I have some videos scheduled to be released, but I don't have enough videos to last a month with daily uploads, let alone 2 years. If I have free time I promise to continue uploading videos! About this video: Featuring some mortar+maelstrom micro to survive a r22 fast cooldown BFBs counter. I beat some players in Old School BFBC using Tack Farm Mortar, which is a very good strategy. Recorded 11 February 2019. Music: NCS The Best Of 2016

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