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  1. ZX840

    The-scorpions Btd5_glue 45
    posted an update

    SAS4 Skills Experiment Update:

    HTL done, up next; Tough Body.

    I have a feeling this one will prove as pointless test as BAE, Toughness and the Energy skills due to the fact that I'm testing these on level 1-39 characters so the tests may not be as conclusive as I'd like them to be.

    Anyway, for this round I will be trying to:
    -Get hit at least once per game to notice the affects of each point
    -Same as above but with dark minions
    -Same as above but sometimes with bloaters and bosses
    -Carry at least 1 decent bio gun at all times
    -Anything else? leave in the comments for me and I'll see what I can do.

    Experiment Character Gen #27 - Retired
    Experiment Character Gen #28 - Ready for duty!

    2018-06-19 11:54:38 UTC
  2. ZX840

    The-scorpions Btd5_glue 45
    posted an update

    SAS4 Skills Experiment Update:

    Hold The Line testing done, and my review:

    Hold The Line: With few points or all, this skill is very useful. Upon activating, you get a few seconds of boosted gun inpact damage and pierce, but it will only work while you're not moving - the skill stays active until it depletes with enough points, giving you the ability to fight and flank targets with ease.
    1 point gives you an 8 second boost of 30% extra damage and pierce when standing still, with each point increasing the boost by 4% and an extra 8th of a second. At maximum points, the skill dishes out a massive 126% damage + pierce boost for 27 seconds, and due to the refresh time being 30 seconds, you can pretty much have this skill active at all times throughout a mission. The added boost this skill gives does stack with other damage modifications such as deadly, crit and in-game powerups, and does affect grenades as well, however DoT does not.
    This skill does have its one major disadvantage however, as it does require you to stand still for it to boost, some circumstances require you to run away redering the skill useless if you can't fight back without backpedalling.
    Overall it is one skill you should not go without for a Heavy, as even 1 point makes a solid difference. This skill doesn't require much energy, so maintaining energy is not an issue.
    Few Points Rating: 6/10 – Level 25 Rating: 10/10 – Overall Rating: 7/10.

    Please remember this is my opinion, please do not criticise it, but feel free to leave your own comments on the skill below.

    2018-06-19 11:48:22 UTC
  3. posted an update

    I wish there's a web version of BTD 6.

    2018-06-14 17:33:14 UTC
  4. CWJ-D

    Falcons 40-zomg 47
    posted an update

    *Pops in out of nowhere* Anything new?

    2018-06-17 07:44:04 UTC
  5. posted an update

    Wow Ninjakiwi, thanks for rubbing BTD6 in my face in BTD5 Steam

    2018-06-18 17:48:47 UTC
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