I am one of the most serious members of the black list. I'm a soliter, no duo, PM, help and furie boosted VS. Everyone for himself. So, this is me. The last active diamonder from the first CS.

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  1. GoMewy

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    Sigh, My my times have changed. I feel Nostalgic for the bygone Era when this site was popular and fun and If I wanted to be entertained I could just look at my feed. Today I hopped on out of Nostalgia and when I pressed load more activity there was nothing to be seen. ;-;. Hopefully someday ninjakiwi will make a new SAS game and that the future BTD games will be on this site for free. Here is to hoping. Comment if you too miss when this site was fun.

    2019-05-24 23:23:00 UTC
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