News 05 Jun 2015

Only a few things to bring up this week (brought up down below). BMC web had server issues which are mostly under control now. We also had a bigger kerfuffle this morning which has also been smoothed over nicely. BTD Battles on Android got a small update to help fix a few bugs not present on other platforms. There's also been some interesting news going around about something big spotted by monkey scouts. Something the Bloons might be planning in BMC. I also heard some rumours about SAS4 web, but you can't trust those, can you?

Bloons TD 5 - Now out for Windows phones!

If you haven't seen it already, BTD5 Mobile is now available on Windows Phones. It's the game you all know and love so there's not much to say really. If you have a Windows phone and you've been waiting to pop bloons on it, well nows your chance!


SAS4 Web - It's a Highway to Hell!

A new contract map has landed

Questions from the Comments:

Any news on the Honor and MvM changes for BMC Web?

Unfortunately not, sorry. While we still want to get changes in, there hasn't been much development in that area.

So who's Sam?

He's in Dundee and he's got a Scottish accent :) Not the easiest accent if you're not used to it, but a good accent nonetheless.

Is your real name Aaron?

My real name is Aaron.

When will BTD5 Deluxe content be added to the Steam version?

If it gets added it'll be a little while in the future. It's not part of the plan at the moment.

Will all future NK games be made in Unity?

Not all games, no. It may be the main platform for web games going forward though.

Any plans to make Fortress Destroyer load faster?

It could sure use it! So yes! We got the time down a fair bit just before testing started and we'd like it to be a lot faster. It's not even a big file...

Will Fortress Destroyer always require Unity?

Well the mobile version won't! We want anyone to be able to play it, so if Unity won't work in Chrome we'll try as hard as we can to get the game working there anyway.

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