News 27 Mar 2015

Welcome back to a brand new blog post. This week we've had a couple of snazzy updates and I've got site thingy to talk about. All in all it should make for a good blog post, let's see if it pays off.


Bloons TD 5 Mobile and Steam - Odyssey Mode!

Bloons TD 5 on mobile and Steam have now received the version 2.15 update that introduces Odyssey Mode. Every week some community manager or other will hand craft an epic journey for you to undertake. Your skills will be put to the test by taking on 5 tracks, back to back, with a single set of lives.

So go check out your device's store, grab the update from Steam and see if you have what it takes to take on Poseidon's wrath!


SAS Zombie Assault 4 Web - Meltdown Nightmare!

SAS4 web had a patch land yesterday afternoon to introduce the Nightmare version of Meltdown. We've also manage to get some optimisations/fixes in to help some performance and connection issues that are coming up (more coming too!). Check out the full change-log in game if you'd like to see more details.

SAS4 is so hot right now!

More of this coming!

Guys, stop dying so much.

Ninja Kiwi Forums

Plans for developing the forums have taken their next step... and it's down a slightly different path to the one we've been treading so far.

We locked in a plan earlier today to incorporate a fresh vBulletin forum system into the Ninja Kiwi site. This entails a lot of customisation to keep our initial goal of having one account for the entire website and having it all run smoothly. While there will be more of a disconnect between the forums and the rest of a site than we would like we've come to the decision that this way will get the features we all want faster and a little bit of compromise never hurt anyone.

The current plan involves the following points:

  • Your Ninja Kiwi account will have a corresponding vBulletin account linked to it (that you'll get logged into when you log into your NK account, there will be no vBulletin only accounts)
  • Old accounts (from the current Archive vBulletin forum) will not be used
  • All threads and posts from the current Archive vBulletin forum will be moved to an archive section of the new vBulletin forums (with an easy way to move them over for useful threads)
  • All threads and posts from the current new NK forums will hopefully be moved to the same archive section (we can't see any reason this won't happen, just won't be as easy so I don't want to guarantee it yet)
  • This archive will be read-only
  • We want all old posts/threads to be retrievable in some way

This will definitely not happen for at least three more weeks and regulars around here will know not to expect it particularly soon after that. It shouldn't require any action on your part but we'll keep you up to date on progress when there is progress on which to keep you updated.

There are a lot of little fiddly questions that we've already answered internally, too many to list out here. If you have any concerns or questions please let us know (as it could also be something we haven't thought about).


Questions from the Comments

Why are there no achievements for Monkey Knowledge in Bloons Monkey City?

It's just not part of the plan, especially while ways to get packs are a bit limited. We haven't ruled out adding them in future (though there are also no plans to add them in future).

Do you ever find it stressful or difficult to find something new to blog about each Friday?

Never stressful, but it can be a bit difficult sometimes. I particularly like to bring up stuff like the forum changes today, so it's a bit sad when I can't talk about plans like that.

Any ETA on Laser and Disc Thrower masteries?

Still nothing to say there.

Could you make a SAS4 weapon competition where fans submit ideas and vote on the best?

As sweet as that would be (and entirely possible in the future) we have a lot of stuff planned out already so I couldn't say if it will happen. They say the squeaky trigger gets the oil though...

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Ghost? Aliens?

I don't see any reason there couldn't be life on other planets (whether they're sentient or not is a whole other story). I don't think any aliens have visited us though. No belief in cryptids or the super-natural at all.

Will the Monkey Knowledge XP requirements ever be changed?

No plans to change them at this point.

Will there be an option to replay Special Missions in BMC?

It's something we would like but isn't a high priority. Hopefully one day.

If we get to a high round before a CT Milestone Event starts do we get the rewards?

Nope. Milestone rewards are only given when the Event is active (you'll see the signs and buttons when it is). The Milestone Event isn't tied to the regular CT week and will sometimes not be up (such as this week).

Is the free skill reset for SAS4 still debatable?

No, it'll happen. Just hasn't yet unfortunately :( I'll bring it up again.


Totally need more, right? I'll bring that up again too (including female ones)


And would you look at that, there's only half an hour to go. Have a good weekend, leave your questions below and I'll see you next week with bells on (you don't have to wear bells)