News 27 May 2016

This week we've had some minor updates for existing games, plenty of progress on new forums for and some secret stuff continuing successfully.

SAS Zombie Assault 4 web: Some balance changes to Last Man Standing, bug fixes for bugs and the UI

Bloons Monkey City mobile 1.11.2: Bug fixes

Bloons TD Battles Steam 3.5.2: Update to accompany the Club Starter Pack DLC


Ninja Kiwi Drawing Competition

This competition is to draw something related to Ninja Kiwi in order to win:
1 Elite Core or 10 Ancient Monkey Knowledge packs

Simply draw something NK related and upload your picture to an image hosting site. Once it's ready, post in the comments below along with the prize you want.

One entry per person
Check the terms
Entries close Friday June 3rd at midday (New Zealand time)

Good luck!

Questions from the Comments:

Have you considered putting any other games on Steam?
Yep! We'll continue to add game to Steam when desire, time and resources allow. There aren't any games we'd like to announce for Steam at this stage.
Is this new SAS4 scoring system made to test how much players will take before breaking?
It moves emphasis away from grinding and more towards skill. Something a number of players have wanted for a while and we feel improves the game.
NK do you not even care that you're going downhill fast?
To be honest, considering the downhill part, I'd be more worried if we were slowing down.
Does betting on who will be the new moderators violate Ninja Kiwi's terms of service?
Depends what you bet. I think it'd be OK.
Will there be any new missions/maps for SAS4?
Can you share more of the posters shown from this blog post 2+ years ago?
I think I showed them all (maybe link it if you can find it).
Will you bring Alpha Virus back to SAS4?

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Leave comments and/or questions below, have fun with the competition (if you're entering) and have a wonderful week.