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66 Rap Battles (MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!! FREE FOR ALL!)
06 October 2015 09:28 PM
Welcome to rap Battles. You must rap againts someone else and win!

Mario vs Super Mario Glitchy 4 (SMG4)

Mario wrote:You think gou got swag? Even if youre a hag? Ha! Well mario's got it in the bag!

SMG4 wrote:Girlfriend? Are you kidding? That's just rude. Considering Your Girlfriend's just a puddle of food.

Rules (Finnaly!)
1. No Swearing :D
2. No teaming (That's for N O O B S)
3. You better not break rule 2!

zuh12-double rule breaking-1 month ban
Anotheraccount-double rule breaking-1 week ban
PvZ fan- INFINITE BAN- Heart Breaking.
  1. zuh12

    Iron-phoenix 23-btdapache 27
    zuh12 06 Oct 2015 10:39 PM hey everyone ima thunderbird u think ur better than me ABSURD!
  2. TrumpW

    Blue-wolves 5-happygun 15
    TrumpW 07 Oct 2015 08:20 AM So there's this one guy named Zuh, he subbed to Scamaz at the orchestra.

    Pissing people off with full brightness on his phone, (0) contacts shows he's all alone.

    People stop to see, Zuh gets down on one knee.

    He's bullied by the subs of Kripp, they tell him he can only skinny dip.

    Kripp said himself the subs are right, even mentioned Zuh's latest flight.

    [Hearthstone] How Good is Zuh? Turns out he's preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty useless like a Goomba.

    It started when he was trying to fly to Cali to stalk the Trump, but the Forsenboys tripped him and he fell off the plane BibleThump.

    Zuh found Trump at his castle in San Fran, when he tried to greet him Trump turned and ran.

    Coated with puss and Acidic Swamp Ooze, the Naxxramas was a likely place Zuh was trying to take a snooze.

    When he came back Trump proceeded to blast Zuh to the ground wth his handlock, a homeless onlooker laughed, pointed at Zuh, and said "your mother was a Murloc!"

    Trump decided to tour his girls around town, but Zuh wasn't allowed to come so he was feeling down.

    Trump came back, spirits high. He stopped for a moment to stretch his thigh.

    He said, "Hey you, fat Sludge Belcher cosplayer! You're as disappointing as a Captain's Parrot from a Webspinner.

    Now get out and leave this place bub, 'cause in case you didn't know this is my town scrub."

    All the buildings, cable cars, pedestrians- even the San Francisco tide. They raised their Kappas and dongers to rush to Trump's side.

    With the power of North Sea Kraken, Trump harnessed the power of the waves and washed away Zuh in a jolt. When Reddit came in to examine the aftermath, where Trump had stood they didn't find a single trace of salt.
  3. zuh12

    Iron-phoenix 23-btdapache 27
    zuh12 07 Oct 2015 11:18 AM yo but if u don't love everything Z
    soon u feel like u stung by the bee!
  4. DanTDM12 07 Oct 2015 12:12 PM let me jump in!

    I don't even bother if zuh is hacking! I'd just report him with swag! But then the mods banned zuh i beat you,your'e no match For me! DanTDM12 is got it in the bag!
  5. DanTDM12 07 Oct 2015 12:13 PM and i can just no ryhme it so it makes it cooler :D
  6. zuh12

    Iron-phoenix 23-btdapache 27
    zuh12 07 Oct 2015 08:20 PM
    gbp11 wrote:the bee!
  7. DetachedMonkey000127 07 Oct 2015 09:53 PM view
    zuh12 wrote:yo but if u don't love everything Z
    soon u feel like u stung by the bee!

    Do you understand the concept of a rap battle? (assisting zuh, not participating)
  8. zuh12

    Iron-phoenix 23-btdapache 27
    zuh12 07 Oct 2015 10:24 PM view
    Anotheraccount192856 wrote:Do you understand the concept of a rap battle? (assisting zuh, not participating)

    I do
  9. JakeViperac 08 Oct 2015 04:24 AM let me step right in.

    I'd be coming through portals, like i'm immortal,

    he's stuck in a loop while I be transforming,

    into a ball, of electric force

    then I be evolving, and I be growing

    he's getting scared, ready with a chair to knock me back,
    that doesn't happen, he got whacked in the back

    by my reaction attack, I send him back,

    to the start....
    of time!


  10. DanTDM12 08 Oct 2015 06:45 AM I really will not bother,but you suck Pingas.
    I really think you should go the past!
    Youre stuck in a infinte loop of spinning.
    I really think i win this one!


    Judges wrote:Dan:30 Zuh:22 Jake:29 (Almost tied with me xD) Trump:30 (You PWNED Zuh)

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