News 04 Jul 2014

Ah, July 4th. I'm sure that means something somewhere... but not here. Not today. Today is just a Friday. 

Time zones.

Such fun.

But seriously, happy Fourth of July, United States of America

Don't he look bored?

In celebration of Independence Day for our American players, we're having a Double Monkey Money Weekend for Bloons TD 5 Mobile. That's Double Monkey Money for every bit of Monkey Money you get. A great time to finish a few maps to top up your MM banks. 

We've also had an update for Bloons TD Battles Mobile! The update includes some new decals in the 4th of July theme, but also a new track, Offside. An extremely short track with a Football theme in celebration of the greatest sport ever.

Bloons TD Battles Web Update

Bloons TD Battles received an update earlier in the week. The update introduced a new track, A-Game, as well as a number of balance changes that cut down on games going on for too long. Some round timings turned out to be too extreme (particularly for Defend Mode) and there has since been another update to bring that particular number back. Here are the changes as they stand now:

  • After round 30, the speed of all bloons is increased by 20% each round (was 5%) and MOAB-class health is increased by 40% each round (was 20%)
  • After round 35, ceramic bloons are replaced by Super Ceramics (used to be round 43). Super ceramics have a ceramic layer with 38 health instead of 10, and spawns one rainbow bloon, which spawns one zebra and so on. This change cuts down on the possible number of bloons on screen at once and improves performance slightly.
  • The next round will start 8 seconds after all natural bloons have spawned (was 10 seconds) or 4 seconds after either player pops all natural bloons on their side (no change)
  • Selling a tower now returns 70% of the cash (was 80%)
  • Camo modded bloons are now 2x price (down from 3x)
  • Regen modded bloons are now 1.8x price (up from 1.5x)

If you're a fan and haven't checked the update out, load it up now to see how you do with the new changes and the new map.


SAS: Zombie Assault 4

We've been working away on SAS4 this week too. Today we released a small update that introduced the ability for guests of Ninja Kiwi to play without having an account, a few little balance changes, a few more bug fixes and for a limited time a 25 Promethium Strongbox pack at a discounted price.

A lot of this has brought behind the scenes changes to handle logging in and managing players. We've got some bigger new features coming soon, and a much requested feature coming soon after that.


Bloons Monkey City

Contested Territory may finally be behaving. A bug has been making it far more difficult for players to recapture the territory after having it already, and another bug has been giving far too much money to players that did manage to capture it. These are both patched and things are currently looking good for the King of the Hill-esque game-play. 

There are only a few days left for this weeks desert map in Contested Territory, but if you haven't checked it out, try CT in BMC now!


Questions from the Comments

Will BTD5 [Web] get any new Special Missions?

No current plans for any.

Will there ever be an option to change the name of our city in Bloons Monkey City?

It's something we would like to put in, though not a high priority.

How are the Contested Territory rounds (bloon order) generated?

The same way normal tiles in Bloons Monkey City are generated. The CT "tile" has a difficulty and a seed which will generate the rounds. Each player on a territory (and anyone in the same "tier") should have the same bloon waves.

Aaron's favo[u]rite boss zombie in SAS4?

Wicker. 'Cause of fire.






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