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  • 4-trekmonkey
    SniperMonkey85504 about 1 year ago

    why did you accept the "avatar" made by u/kuzuyku, why of all people, what would happen if the children see it also is there a season 2 of the avatar competition, also why would u/kuzuyku draw captain churchill in a school girl costume, but most people thought rohan did it, is it true that femboy churchill was made by rohan spibo, and people want a femboy churchill skin which is worse

  • Btd5_ice
    Kori Raitongu about 1 year ago

    when do we get a bloons lore book? so what caused the bloons to attack, how the monkeys learned their individual skills, heroes origins in more depth etc.

  • 35-comicbookace
    Crazytacoclown129130 about 1 year ago

    The update to Ninja kiwi Archive is Making games working again! That is Awesome!

  • Btd5_ice
    Mathew_BTD about 1 year ago

    Also. What do non-camo towers, including Absolute Zero, see whenever a Absolute Zero or Snowstorm freeze a camo bloon via their ability? Well less of see, that's obvious. But what do they think when they see AZ freeze nothing?

  • Btd5_ice
    Mathew_BTD about 1 year ago

    So how come in a previous update the dartling could shoot through walls via a super secret technique. Now it can't. Did the dartling lose it's ability to not care about walls?

  • 38-classicsupermonkey
    mymax162 about 1 year ago

    Since you fixed archive, and are trying to get the games working again on the site (and TK never went down to begin with due to running unity), do you have any plans on reactivating NK coin purchasing?

  • Btd5_mortar
    kitttttttttttttttten about 1 year ago

    why can the sniper shoot through a bank but not a tree

  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    little-dino123 about 1 year ago

    do you plan on making available NK archive to MacOS or officially releasing a .SWF file or Flashpoint support? I would like to play btd5.

  • 25-masterfire
    SunDragon2017 over 1 year ago

    Can I buy NK coins again on steam if the NK Archive is revived?

  • Nk_monkey
    BoomerMonkey77989 over 1 year ago


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