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  • 1-bsm_face
    JKTheFirst over 1 year ago

    Should the Bomb Tower get a friend? *I like penguins. Have a penguin on the tower. :)*

  • Btd5_dart
    An Dart Monkey over 1 year ago

    what would happen if a monkey tried popping a bloon with just their hands? Also, send me an image of a monkey party

  • 15-btd_dart
    Angle of Incidence over 1 year ago

    When can we expect Archive support for other operating systems (Steamplay or otherwise)?

  • 35-comicbookace
    Crazytacoclown129130 over 1 year ago

    will you add the secret Agents including the Beekeeper to Bloons td 6 in the Future?

  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    scanredpitches over 1 year ago

    Could you make some form of in-game currency that you can earn in many games and spend in all of the games that you can earn them? I think that it would be cool to do like that because then it's like one giant game.

  • Btd5_bomb
    EthanLac13 over 1 year ago

    Are the Spike Factories completely mechanical, or are there little worker monkeys who manufacture Road Spikes inside? If so, do they get enough breaks?

  • Btd5_mortar
    kitttttttttttttttten over 1 year ago

    can I spam random comments for fun

  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    AxelOrozco over 1 year ago

    Do you ever think of making all games work on HTML 5? What will happen to the site?

  • Btd5_mortar
    kitttttttttttttttten over 1 year ago

    why did the druid steal the wizard tornado

  • Btd5_mortar
    kitttttttttttttttten over 1 year ago

    how do the monkeys blink but still have eyes open

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