News 06 Oct 2017

Hi everybody and welcome to the blog post for October 6th, 2017


This last couple of weeks we released version 1.9.2 for Tower Keepers, which includes releasing the game on! We also released 1.6 for BSM2 mobile, bringing 6 new Egyptian themed levels to the Helium Heights chapter.

If you're looking for a list of achievements/AP for the game, click here!


What's Going On This Week?

Tower Keepers: Zaluss boss event! 2x rewards for Hero Battles, 2x Gem Sale. Gem Master passive event. Fighter Skin on sale!

BTD Battles: BFB on Friday, MOAB and MOAB Club on Saturday, BFB with no bonus tower and BFB Club on Sunday. Sales on medallions and Tack Shooter skin.

SAS4 web: Apocalypse with bounties on Friday, Virus Samples with Boss Bounty for Alloy on Saturday and Last Man Standing on Sunday. Bayonet, RIA 75 and 888 CAW on sale!

SAS4 mobile: LMS on Friday, VS on Saturday with Black Strongbox as reward, Apoc on Sunday. NM Veterans pack, Nantoniums and Ricochet, CM 352 and CM 467 on sale!

BMC web and mobile: Daily Monkey Teams with Knowledge packs as reward on Saturday. Monkey Knowledge Packs on sale.

BTD5: Ninja skin on sale. Bloonvasion, Boss Event and Green bloon pops counting for the leader boards.

BSM2: 1.6 update out! 2x Blops and Double Boosts on the store!


NK Short Story Competition Winner!

Last week I asked for an NK short story, and here's the winner!

The Towers of Auld

- lachlan999


Chapter 1: The Tavern Keeper

Deep in the woods, between Fallcreek and Wizards Tower, a shady building camouflaged by the overgrown vegetation stands, if barely, reeking of man sweat and stale mead. Meeblings frolic in in the trees and monkeys swing branch to branch chittering away about a new game
Vagabonds and shady figures populate the dimly lit tavern, the 'Poping Loon', spilled mead and half eaten pineapples litter the unclean establishment. The sole barkeep, 'Messy' Flann, pours beverages for the half awake patrons while mumbling to himself.

"'loodly 'oblins n 'andits, scarin' me patrons away. The Barbie Queens gone missing and Kingie Ironheart ignores me complaints. Bet he don have to wipe no 'eer stained counter 'ach mornin'"

Footsteps and the unmistakable clanging of ruffians can be heard outside, approaching at a steady pace. Flann notices and begins to hide the bottles of mead and gold into various crooks and crannies scattered around the tavern. Nobody in the tavern notices the barkeep open hidden compartments and secret safes, except a fellow who has drunken too much stooma, who begins mumbling something about a fish headed creature he saw on a ship

"...n it sayz to m(hic)e, I smell(burp)ed of 'ish!"
"Quiet!" Flan cries as the ruffins approach
"Kogan's 'andits are 'ere to collect for pro-tects-tions!"

Some of the patrons hear this, and begin to slip out through the back door,  half eaten and spilled beer left behind in the tavern
The door creaks open and a stout, masked and bald bandit enters, using his large club as a walking stick as he strolls past passed out patrons and empty tables

"Flann, come n pour us a cup! Ur LATE on your dues!"

Following him, a short,masked nimble lad and a grim, masked bow women.

"Burn-o! Old 'hap! Welcome, and I 'ee you bought Pock and Kimmy with ya! What a 'leasent surprise, I was just about to 'ail ya the dues, 100 gold, 50 marks and 50 stone, right?" cries Flann as he pulls out a chair from a recently emptied table
"200 gold" the lad Pock corrects
"And your finest mead, since we're here anyways" Kimmy adds
"'Course, course!" Flann says through clenched teeth
"Nothing but the best for Kogans 'op dogs! Free of 'harge!"
"Spare us the dragon bile youse serve to the rest of these peasent filth and get us some of dat good stuff, whattach call it, Emerald Water?" Burn-o says as Flann hurries back behind the counter
"Gemerald Springs" Pock says as Kimmy flicks through the menu
"Yeah, dat, get us a couple pints of dat stuff and we'll forget about your late dues Flann" Burn-o says as he backhands a mug across the room, hitting unfortunate innocents with stale mead
"B-b-b-b-b-but I ain't gots any of its 'eft..." Flan whimpers as he crouches down behind the graywood counter
"Well. Looks likes youse won'ts be missing a limb or two" Burn-o taunts cruelly as his large frame towers over the crouching barkeep "right or left, your choice... heh heh heh"
"Leave him alone" A voice calls across the tavern
"Eh, whose saids thats?" Burn-o says as the trio-banditos turn around to face a figure in the corner
"My name is not important" The voice replies, "But you can call me Beat the terrific Fighter!"

The figure jumps out of the shadows, revealing a scarred,black and gray haired man armed with a shield and sword. Beat stands against the criminal bandits, with a look of contempt in his face. The bandits ready themselves for battle, Burn-o standing tall over Beat, with Pock ready to flank him, and Kimmy in the shadows.

"Sit down old man" Burn-o says smugly towards the apparently outmatched fighter "OR youse gonna end up being the new wall paint"

Beat uses this opening and slams Burn-o in the nose viciously with his shield as he deflects a stab from Pock with his sword

"Youch!" Burn-o cries as he falls to the floor, knocked silly "Unfair bro!"
"No 'ighting in the tavern!" Flann cries in horror as the fall of the brute causes tremors inside the tavern, felling jugs and mugs

Pock pounces at Beat with dual blades, slashing down at Beat with hunger for blood, but Beat is too fast, and manages to evade the deadly strike. As Pock rebalances himself, Beat makes a deft stroke at Pock, who barely dodges it and counters with a flurry of stabs and slashes. Beat uses his shield to block off the chain of attacks, forcing him into a corner, the constant clanging and chipping of metal and wood hounding his retreat.  Just as the storm of deadly attacks begin to die down and Beat prepares to strike back, a arrow pierces his chain mail and forces him back behind his shield.

"Nghh!" cries Beat as he stumbles across the messy floorboards, clutching his right arm and dropping his blade and shield

Pock stands over the beaten Beat, with a villainous grin, and prepares to end the old fighters run, when suddenly, an blunt bludgeon finds its home on Pocks head

"Owies!" Pock cries as he slumps dazed down to the floor "...wake me ups when this is over...."
"Ughh.... couldn't have helped me out sooner?" Beat says as he slowly gets up
"Sorry, had to make sure the others got out safely, and I thought I told you to stay out of trouble?" A  hooded women says as she helps Beat up
"This ain't trouble, just a bit of carelessness, mind patching up the hole this side of me up Britta? Beat grunts as Britta lifts him over the counter and examines  the bloody wound. She begins to chant ancient healing incantations, as the wound closes and scars over.
"You gotta be more careful, I'd hate to have to resurrect you...again" Britta scolds as Beat picks at his scabs "And stop picking the scabs or you'll get an infection"
"You took care of the archer?" Beat says as he brushes off blood off his chain mail "Nasty vixen got me by surprise..."
"Yes, she was too busy turning you into a pin cushion to notice me and my bludgeon, we'll tie them up and leave them to the kings men?"
"Sure, you find anything on them, anything about Mejj?"
"Not much more than the last couple bandits we found, Mejj is still held prisoner at Darkcliff Tower" Britta remarks as she ties up the three drooling bandits
"Then let's pay our tab and get going, Mejj ain't going to get himself outta that tower, we'll have to save his skin..."
"T-t-thanks 'trangers!" Flann says as the heroes depart the dimly lit tavern, with a pouch full of gold and gems behind, as well as three unconscious bandits "But 'hat am Is gonna do with thems?!"

But it was too late, the duo were out of earshot and on the crumbly road to Darkcliff Tower

"Hmmmm.... I sense it... the arcane god returns..." says a mysterious white haired mage overlooking a stormy horizon from a hidden tower, a spark in his eye reignited by the lightning of the storm "That will mean the Demolisher will too... and the land will be threatened... again..."

Chapter 2: The Keeper of the Tower

Few travel the bandit ridden road to Darkcliff tower, yet two figures follow the ruined road on this sunken night, leaving a trail of tied up bandits and goblins as they travel to the crumbling Darkcliff tower

"Jeez, this road looked a lot shorter on the map Britta, are we there yet?!" complains a old Fighter
"You've been asking me for the past hour and the answer is still no, Beat" an agitated Britta replies "but it shouldn't be long now, I can see tower over the horizon..."
"Woohoo!" exclaims a refreshed Beat, springing up into the starry night sky in joy
"...over a bunch of bandit camps" Britta adds just as beat reaches the top of his new found happiness and brings him crashing back down to earth

By early morning, the duo arrives at the front door of Darkcliff tower (and with the burning ruins of bandit camps behind) exhausted

"Owies, my slashing arms killing me, thank Viarus it's finally over, we'll just head inside and free Mejj..." Beat says as he drops down in exhaustion "...and take a nap"

But unfortunately for Beat, just as Britta reaches to open the squeaky, old rusted door to the shabby tower, the corroded door is sent flying (and Britta with it) by a torrent of green torrent of mutant maggot filed bile. A giant headless green abomination smashes through the narrow doorway, green blood and bile leak from the mutated monster as it stumbles outside

"Me and my big mouth" Beat says as a wave of bloodthirsty maggots swim through the bile wave towards him "which nut job decided to squeeze that thing in there anyway?!"

Beat jumps into the fray brandishing his blade and begins mowing down horde after horde of squishy slimly monsters

"There's TOO many! I can't process all of these maggots!" Beat cries as he cleaves down a row of the fiends before a new larger wave replaces them "I can't kill them fast enough! Britta! HELP!!!!"

But Britta is nowhere to be seen (or the door for that matter) and Beat faces the horrendous horde and the rampaging Regurgitator alone. Outnumbered and outmatched Beat knows this will be will be his Last Stand. He wipes some blood puke bile mixture outta his eyes and leaps at the grotesque monstrosity, hacking down at the green rotten flesh with his blade. But the creature barely notices, puking up more corrosive bile filled with giant frenzied mutant maggots that blasts Beat back down

"Blargh! I ain't going to last long..." Beat shouts as he tries to stand up in a pool of burning corrosive bile filled with hungry hungry maggots "...But I'm sure as hell going to take as many of you with me!"

Beat takes blast after blast of the deadly concoction of the creatures putrid puke behind his disintegrating shield for what seems like eons (for Beat) while swarms of deathly maggots circle him like villainous vultures waiting for the inevitable feast that is the Beat.
Suddenly, a crackle fills the air and the sky burns in a fury of flames followed by a freezing deathly chill.
Beat lowers his slime coated shield is stunned by the scene
The giant beast is frozen just above him with its massive gaping abyss where a head is meant to be opening to reveal a frozen spiral of puke containing maggots, contrasted with the scene of a smoking scorched field with brightly burning stalks replacing the swamp of bile and maggots. The air hums with electrified energy and through the dense smoke he can make out two figures appearing out of the doorway of the tower

"You still alive, Beat?" says one of the figures
"Mejj?!" Beat exclaims as the smoke disperses "Britta?!"
"It'll take more than a oversized puke machine to off me" a bruised and battered Britta responds "although a lie down couldn't hurt"
"We'll lie down later, first we need to warn King Ironheart" Mejj says as he begins walking northwards to the M'Keys City "Kogan and his bandits are just the pawns, I fear something much more dangerous is moving the pieces in this game"

Known as death incarnate, the feared Blackguard Jurgen rides for M'Keys City. Jurgen senses a break in the fabric of the realm not felt sense the destruction of the Auld Kingdoms of the west by the Demolisher.
He will not fail this time, Jurgen promises himself as the great capital of the land comes into view
"How foolish of him"



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Questions from the Comments:

Can we get different maps for events for SAS4?
We can be pretty flexible with these events so the best way to influence them is to contact us with your requests.
Is it safe to assume the BTD6 grind is on?
It is, an update on that will be coming in a blog post or three.
BTD5 web update coming?
No ETA unfortunately. Should be one "soon" though.
What will happen to the Flash games when the major browsers drop support for Flash?
We aren't sure yet. I expect there will be ways to get Flash running so there may be a guide at the top of each game. We will support them as long as it's feasible.
Will there be a flow chart or something for announcing events in Tower Keepers?
At this stage it's limited to this blog, which works for the passive events on weekends (gold, gem, skill spending) but can mean others don't get announced ahead of time. It's likely that we'll be expanding on this at some point but nothing planned at the moment.
Do you want to know what the most annoying sound in the world is?
Just saw Tower Keepers was out and my computer doesn't support it :(
We can try get it going for you! Please get in touch with support  :)
Why do I have to activate Flash to make a WebGL based game start? (For Tower Keepers)
While the game itself is WebGL, the website login relies on Flash cookies to see when you're logged in. Flash needs to be enabled for this to work.


Thanks for stopping by everyone! I hope you enjoyed the story and are enjoying the recent releases. I recommend checking out Tower Keepers and also continuing to be awesome like you're doing right now. Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week!