Heli Farm Engineer in Dreadbloon

I was gonna record the 2 full hours of dreadbloon but the recording was cut halfway, probably because I ran out of space. That's why the video suddenly ends. In my opinion this is how HFE compares to other strats in Dreadbloon: HFI ? HFE ? HIV ?NIV ? NFE ? Engi Farm Spactory ?DFA ? Tack Mortar Cobra ? NFI ?TFW ?DFW. This is just my opinion and it would take ages for me to justify the order so I won't. Heli Farm Engi seems comparable to Heli Farm Ice, because Overclock and bloon traps can compensate for the lack of a stalling tower. However in the late game (round 35+) I think HFI is a bit better, because with a stall there is enough time to wait for a damage boost to recharge. With HFE the zomgs move pretty fast so when the damage boost is on cooldown it's easy to die. HFE seems better than Ninja Farm Engi because apaches can do much more damage than bloonjitsus, for the same amount of money spent on towers. So HFE would outlast NFE, even though NFE can stall the ZOMGs to half speed. HFE seems good against Heli Ice Village because the HIV player has to send eco bloons which the HFE player can capture using bloon traps for money. Furthermore the HFE player can antistall every round and send a R22 zomg to hurt the HIV player's money and eco. Opponents: C10...JUPITER - HFI (Onion DCing to me 3 times, yay free wins) BloonHead - DFW BloonHead - DFW embers-YouTube - HIV embers-YouTube - HFI calbek - Wizard Dartling Heli Benny - HFI AndyGiant - Ninja Wiz Village Damn, if I didn't send "Well Done" at 24:02 which distracted my helis, and kept my helis at the end of the map, and used damage boost I might have won. Music: 2019 NCS 20 Million Mix

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