#OUCH CHIMPS with Pat Fusty & Sun Avatars

Sorry it’s another #ouch vid lol, I wasn’t planning on it but with the 9.0 changes I just had to try. First off, there was a small change to dart monkeys which means that the old dart spots to no longer work, so initially I just figured that out. But then the new hero Pat Fusty seemed op, especially with sun avatars (both of Pat’s abilities work really well with them), so I wanted to test that out and where better than on #ouch chimps? Also 4xx alch got buffed - it can now reapply its buff to towers more frequently, which is great for fast firing towers like sun avatar. So yeah this is a pretty strong strat now, not sure how it compares to the other couch strats though. maybe druids are best since they got buffed for some reason. Music: Dirty Palm - No Stopping Love Emdi x Coorby - Lonewolf feat Kristi-Leah Neovaii - Shouldve Started NEFFEX - Life

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