Final run starts at 4:50 The strategy: -Standard sun avatar + gwen (still very strong after alch nerf) -Permaspike + maim moab (op combo, I'm sure y'all know about it by now) -4 unstable concoctions (crazy damage, and they pair well with permaspike because perma is good at dealing with the sudden swarms of ceramics that the explosions sometimes cause) -Moab glue & moab shove (they clump moabs together which increases the effectiveness of the conc explosions and sun avatar beams. also they help to preserve the spike pile) -Shattering shells (extremely useful for r98, but also helpful for 95 & 96) -2 spike storms with alch (for the bad layer. spike storm gets affected by alch/gwen buff fyi) -2 moab presses (for the zomgs from the bad, but they also help the concs by clumping moabs together on the previous rounds) Thanks to Dennis/Randy for the early/mid game strategy and to frds/donkey/nick for keeping me going towards the end! Music: Arensky & Joan Ember - Weakness (ft. Harley Bird) Ellusive & TELYKast - You & I (feat. Shara) Felix Palmqvist - Fall For You (feat. Loé) THEDETSTRIKE - You & I

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