BTD Battles - Blastapopoulos

SJB plays some boss arenas and invites you to join his community!

You will need to be level 2 before being able to comment on the videos.
  1. Nice!!!!

    about 15 hours ago
  2. scorpion clan for da win!!!

    1 day ago
  3. hey we have a lookalike user name XD

    1 day ago
  4. It's time to BUFF!

    1 day ago
  5. hah stupid tower

    2 days ago
  6. omfg

    3 days ago
  7. HELLO

    4 days ago
  8. SJB, nice gameplay! You have an awesome channel as well! Great work with the videos!

    5 days ago
  9. To be fair, Chris made many bad plays that cost him. The one that killed him was getting Apache when Super Funky Man Club was cheaper and stronger. He already lots of Dart Monkeys, so that was a big opportunity wasted. Another blunder that he should stop showing people is buying multiple 3/0 Farms. That is an automatic money drain, you have to get ONE 3/0 Farm and sell all the 2/0's for a Factory (4/2 Farm). Lastly, his micro with the selling and boost was whack. If you are new to Battles, I hope you do not make these mistakes in the future.

    8 days ago