Muddy Puddles CHIMPS with QUINCY! (Bloons TD 6)

So I went with good ol' permaspike once again cos I didn't see the other strats working too well without obyn. But it was still so much harder than I thought it'd be, I died late game like 20 times before figuring out the strat lol. I was struggling until I found out that on the ddt rounds you can stall the camgrow ceramics for ages with downdraft, which was crazy good for permaspike. Then with maim moab stall on r97 and ice stall for the other rounds, permaspike just tanked everything. Music: Convex - 4U (feat. Jex Jordyn) Martin JV & AIRMOW - Love Again (ft. Chelsea Paige) SpikedGrin - You & Me (ft. LxS) 6 A.M (feat. Kait Weston)

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