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  1. posted an update

    Remember me from 2014 NK? Yup, idk why, but I came back, atleast for a few days c: It´s all so quiet now... only a few of the nkers remain. The resistance.

    2019-02-23 23:12:28 UTC
  2. posted an update

    Just wonder what everyone is doing with their left over knowledge packs once they have max out everything... can't use wild cards on anything.... wish I could send some to other people who can use them...

    2018-12-23 14:19:20 UTC
  3. posted an update

    i wanna get back into nk and games like tower keepers which i havent played since the beta, is there a discord for current ninjakiwi players?

    2018-12-08 06:25:28 UTC
  4. posted an update

    monkey city

    2018-09-03 23:32:25 UTC
  5. posted an update


    2018-08-19 04:31:21 UTC
  6. posted an update

    So NK is refusing to fix SAS4 flash 30 and not even recommending anything on how to play even though they know some players are playing. So they will ignore huh, wow. This place is the worst

    2018-07-23 19:44:55 UTC
  7. posted an update


    2018-07-13 06:44:40 UTC
  8. posted an update

    I feel bad for all those Tower Keepers players who are wasting stuff on boosting Korgan, the Bandit Lord boss... He's extremely fragile and not even good at all.

    2018-06-22 02:29:59 UTC
  9. posted an update


    2018-06-09 02:29:33 UTC
  10. posted an update

    just wondering how many people have been able to level up to their monkeys to level 15 in monkey city...

    2018-06-12 16:21:01 UTC
  11. posted an update

    When I first played co-op, I thought I was a bad player because I had a lot of difficulty with Alpine Lake, a "Beginner" map.

    Later on, I realized that the map difficulty was really inaccurate.

    2018-06-06 23:39:54 UTC
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