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  • 22-masterair
    destroyerofdoom almost 7 years ago

    weirD glitch in sas4! gatligator my new charter went though a wall!

  • 22-masterair
    destroyerofdoom about 7 years ago

    easy for me to win that sprint

  • 22-masterair
    destroyerofdoom about 7 years ago


  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    Noah Stacy1 about 7 years ago

    game 93336

  • 7-dartling
    BLOONINCINERATOR3001 about 7 years ago

    Is it difficult to program the same game on several different platforms? I have a little experience with Android, and I used Java. Do your coders need to know several programming languages to make games available in different languages? After all, few players seem to care about the hard work that goes into these amazing games!

  • 8-sasmonkey
    tompen about 7 years ago

    Why Not Taco? XD

  • 45-batmonkey
    a nk player on nk3 about 7 years ago

    what? 1000000 to 1 the ratio for new game on ninjakiwi

  • 25-masterfire
    ZombieMasterXtreme11 about 7 years ago

    Please put the knowledge packs in bmc mobile

  • 10-hotmonkey
    DeathStarfy676 about 7 years ago

    Why not zoidberg? XD

  • 26-scaredghost
    Jony9001 about 7 years ago

    Aaron, was the target eliminated? Is the mission completed?

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