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  • Nk_monkey
    ERE53 over 6 years ago

    Hi what it is the sas hack???!! XD

  • 10-hotmonkey
    Pengu11DEL over 7 years ago

    i have this game in my dad's phone tip: the more players you attack the more bloonstones you get

  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    Quenizhor over 7 years ago

    Any chance SAS4 could have extra inventory slots, (even as a premium) now that we so many more weapons and armor to collect?

  • Btd5_ice
    fozage over 7 years ago

    i cant wait for the android vertion for every game i play ios always seem to have frist

  • 20-btd_survival
    NemomonNemo over 7 years ago

    Questions to the Weekly blog - 1. Will the BMC Mobile version receive the second city? As well as new towers along with it... 2. After the BMC Android version will be released, will both of them (Android and iOs) be simultaneously updated, or the Android one will always be delayed by a month+ ? 3. Aaron, what is Your most favorite NK game so far, and why do You like it? Plus, are You really playing them when You're not in work, or just in work?

  • 20-classicsniper
    trithien over 7 years ago

    Will Ice Station can be played on Apocalypse, Alpha Virus, and Last Man Standing?

  • 39-runandgun
    tristan rockz over 7 years ago

    will you guys add like a sports game for ap. like add a football game that you can get awesome from?

  • 10-hotmonkey
    Pengu11DEL over 7 years ago

    needs 6.0?? i can't download i can only download apps which are 5.1.1 And Lower

  • 38-classicsupermonkey
    xRevenantCheetosx over 7 years ago

    BMC works lovely on the iOS and it runs flawlessly. Hats off, NK team. I do have a few suggestions for convenience... Please have an interface that allows us to click completed buildings, fix broken ones and collect city money.

  • 39-runandgun
    tristan rockz over 7 years ago

    a mystery game. cant wait to see what it is! O_O

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