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  • 25-braveheart
    PierceSStudios1 over 7 years ago

    Also will sas 4 make it to the top 3 games.... Like when you put your curser on games it shows you the top 3????????

  • 25-braveheart
    PierceSStudios1 over 7 years ago

    when are there going to be new maps for sas 4

  • 25-masterfire
    WraidN over 7 years ago

    Will BTD Battles get a halloween map and halloween decals?

  • 40-zomg
    Spyro2Boss over 7 years ago

    will you answer this question?

  • 40-zomg
    Chaos arrows over 7 years ago

    next tuesday? i hope another blog post :D

  • 40-zomg
    Platyp11 over 7 years ago

    This wasn't answered, so I'll ask again. When will the BP 300s be possible without Mass Unit/thousands of coins worth of gold?

  • 2-sniperprone
    Canadaspyder over 7 years ago

    in a few months {like 8-9} will there be a 3rd city?

  • 30-robomonkey
    spacemanandrew over 7 years ago

    any plans to encourage mvm more on bmc?

  • 25-masterfire
    engineering monkey over 7 years ago

    Are you guys working on BTD6 ?

  • 9-femalerogue
    cheesycheese over 7 years ago

    Why not make the COBRA a CO-OP tower in BTD5?

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