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  • Nk_monkey
    red code about 8 years ago

    MAXOBA is a hacker

  • 40-zomg
    Z O M G about 8 years ago

    That cool video doesn't exist anymore. ;)

  • 5-btdheli
    Noah Riveraa310 over 8 years ago

    How do I transfer to a new tablet? I'd rather not have to start over again. Thanks!

  • 3-zombiemonkey
    AWSOME NINJA 2014 over 8 years ago

    i hope everyone had a good christmas and new year and i would like 2 know what the new updates are in have been hearing about so if someone could tell me what they are and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 30-robomonkey
    spacemanandrew over 8 years ago

    ohhhh Aaron, where are with with our next blog post?

  • 22-masterair
    Emerald Darkness over 8 years ago

    Sorry if this has already been brought up, but what's the news with SAS4?

  • 35-comicbookace
    FT029 over 8 years ago

    Does anyone else write these blog posts other than Aaron? Well, I am not complaining.

  • 39-potionpanic
    Aaron over 8 years ago

    @Fifth freedom. All of our games are run on multiple servers as you suggest :)

  • 4-drillerbunny
    Mr Bubbles the first over 8 years ago

    Do you guys have more building upgrades in store? Like for housings, banana farms and windmills? And are you guys going to implement boosts for certain monkeys from upgrading buildings?

  • 20-btd_survival
    flowermonkeyball over 8 years ago

    something I've noticed: the "Top comment" section is broken. as of right now, the top comment has 2 DISlikes, and on the first page, you can see comments with 9 likes. Or maybe I don't know how "top comments" works.

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