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  • 6-sas_tentacle
    rickster25 over 8 years ago

    i think you should add more upgrades to baloons tower defence 5 for the towers

  • 24-classicbuccaneer
    mitch01themonkey over 8 years ago

    BMC is out now, but still has the Beta sign. Is this open beta or has the game been released?

  • 7-wizard
    ice75521 over 8 years ago

    how do i report someone that has hacked a game so he cant lose

  • 27-monkeyace
    Jacob Tiller over 8 years ago

    Real Question: When is an extreme track coming out for BTD5?

  • 37-fireyrig
    qawz407 over 8 years ago

    keep up the weekly updates they really help to clearify alot thax and till the next one

  • 16-kiwislice
    bguy117 over 8 years ago

    make btd 5 and sas 3 on pc have the same things the mobiel diveses have they dont get updated and the moibel get updated more than the pc verson thats not fair just because we play for free we dont get updates me and my frends dont play on ninga kiwi verey much anymore because ninga kiwi dosent update verey much well actuly never please update them with new toweres and other cool things the mobel versons have please ninga kiwi please.

  • 11-bionicboomer
    basbasbas over 8 years ago

    what is with the non English writing underneath the home sine.

  • 4-drillerbunny
    L39IT over 8 years ago

    My Bloons tower defence 5 doesn't work :(

  • 20-btd_survival
    The Popping Legend over 8 years ago

    Thanks for the awesome new update for btd5 ios ninja kiwi :) I really liked how you made the theme and the secret surprise but there is one problem on btd5 ios: It lags more then usual and when i am going to activate the boomers speacialty building,it just gets me out the game :(

  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    cameronmars over 8 years ago

    bcm is comeing out 12/11/13