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  • 15-btd_dart
    TheKmanZone almost 9 years ago

    But I have no $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I only have 10 coins, a stick of gum, and a gorilla mech!!!

  • 40-zomg
    Tiantian100 almost 9 years ago

    Exactly, my parents won't let me have a youtube account. I'll just try to use my friends...

  • 13-sasmonkey
    derpmayderp almost 9 years ago

    nice for people who pay money for the game a lot :)

  • 8-monkeyryu
    bloonninja2009 almost 9 years ago

    I'm still waiting for the Helicopter and he monkey Lab to be added to the Deluxe version. =/

  • 23-btdapache
    GlaivesnHotRangs almost 9 years ago

    Same here, Tiantian100. Silentc0re, it's not that easy. Well, if there's a reason for not having a YouTube account (mostly because parents are not too keen on you joining), then BTD5 or NK is surely not the best convincing way. I can guarantee that. (No offence, NK. You guys are awesome!) I agree that there MUST be a way to do it right here...

  • 36-flyingboombot
    Squideer almost 9 years ago

    Nice bonus for those aiming for a Mega Monkey Everything Pack, or premiums on any other game.

  • Btd5_dart
    Silentc0re almost 9 years ago

    You have to post on the video to be considered Tiantian100 - these video giveaways are exclusive to those posting on the video . You can make a YouTube account for free in seconds, and you'll receive any future videos straight to your subscription box, or even email if you setup notifications. So what are you waiting for, join the community! ^_^

  • 40-zomg
    Tiantian100 almost 9 years ago

    I just wanted to ask, can we enter the contest by posting our 1 tower here instead of on Youtube because I don't have a Youtube account

  • 7-8bitmonkey
    Mistahd3rp almost 9 years ago

    lol this is cool ima check out the vid too

  • 35-comicbookace
    MatthewGreen almost 9 years ago

    Can I reply here, 'cause I don't have a YT account but still would like the coins. If not, it is fine.