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  • Nk_monkey
    test0123 4 months ago

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  • Nk_monkey
    charnoldad 4 months ago

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  • Btd5_mortar
    ANewParagonOnTheHori 6 months ago

    What tower would you like to get into smash?

  • 1-bsm_face
    Yen1312 6 months ago

    Are the btdb2 cosmetics gonna make it over to btd6? Would be a shame if they didn't.

  • Nk_monkey
    [deleted] 6 months ago

    For Battles 2, in what order would the heroes be released? Would it be so Benjamin isn't the first to be added?

  • Btd5_ice
    OblivionWithCheese 6 months ago

    Where'd the steampunk bfb go?

  • Nk_monkey
    Agent Five 6 months ago

    Does the Ray of Doom's chair have a recliner seat, how far back does it go if it does?

  • Nk_monkey
    Doofnuget 6 months ago

    Will there be graphical settings in B2 for low end pcs and laptops in the future?

  • 10-hotmonkey
    bloonsmonk2 6 months ago

    What's the chance that some of the weekly/monthly/mastery cosmetics from B2 (ie weapon skins and blimp skins) will also show up in the TD6 trophy store?

  • Nk_monkey
    DartlingMonkey965184 6 months ago

    Can I use autohotkey to change binds in Bloons TD Battles 2?

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