Peninsula CHIMPS Black Border Guide

It's actually a black border run but there are still few rounds with risks. The good news is that most of risks are in r6 and r7, so you can restart easily. The bad news is that others risks are in r81-84 range, just before buying Comanche Commander. In this run I didn't used the Sub Commander (Sub x-x-5) but I did it in a earlier 'no black border' run. Guide (HINT: before start, do some test in sandbox for the setup placement) r6 new Buccaneer 0-0-0 set to *strong*. The position is very important, no luck needed, just a good placement spot. r7 move Buccaneer' target from strong to first when a blue (it was green but it was popped) passes (edit: OR simply, even without watching, at the 9th shot of your Buccaneer). Leave the target to first, no more micro is needed. r8 new sub 0-0-0 r11 place Obyn r14 use Obyn ability as soon as he's ready. New Sub 0-0-0 then 2-0-0 then 2-0-2. keep using first Obyn ability to be safe. r24 buccaneer to 0-0-2 then 0-2-2 r29 sub to 2-0-3 r32 buccaneer to 0-3-2 r33 new sub 0-0-0 then 2-0-3 r38 new sub 0-0-0 then 2-0-3 r39 remember to preserve Obyn' first ability and launch it on r40 r41 remove the algae from south-west island and place a village 0-0-0 then 0-0-2 (test the placement in sand box) r42 new alchemist 0-0-0 then 4-0-0 then 4-0-2 r47 new alchemist 0-0-0, upgrade village to 2-0-2 r48 in the range of the village, new buccaneer 0-0-0 then 3-2-0 r49 alchemist to 4-0-2 r51 new sub 0-0-0 then 2-0-3 r53 Obyn' tree ability is ready. Use it and remember to renew it when the tree is damaged. r55 new sub 0-0-0 then 2-0-3 (now you have 5 subs plus 1 ship in range of two alchemists and one village) r56 remove the algae from north-west island and place a new wizard 0-2-0 r57 new wizard 0-2-0 r59 new heli 1-0-0 then 1-0-3, move manually at the beginning of the bloons' path, and manually follow MOABs when needed. r63 If one ceramics rush hits hard your tree, renew the tree. r70 mid round, heli to 1-0-4 r72 new glue 0-0-2 then 0-0-3, set to strong r73 new sub 3-0-0 covering wizards r74 new tack 0-4-0 close to Obyn. r78 new sub 3-0-0 to cover most of the path for camos. Use tack ability in first and last rush. r81-84 Follow MOABs with heli, use tack ability when last MOABs are about to pop. Renew tree when damaged and always use the first Obyn ability when ready. r85 heli to 2-0-5 r86 new village for heli: 2-1-0 then 2-2-0 r88 new alchemist for heli, once is 4-0-0 you can use 'patrol' on heli to move the main heli a the end of the bloons' path. r90 upgrade your very first sub to 3-0-0 (useless maybe, but now you have all the coast with camo detection) r91 New Ninja 0-0-0 then 0-4-0 r94 Upgrade the heli's alchemist to 4-0-2 (I forgotten it in the vid and won, but it's better to do it), place a mortar 0-0-3 then 0-0-4. *in general in r95+, mortar should aim the beginning of the path, but, after all fortified are converted in normal, move the target to follow the first MOABs class bloons* r97 Follow fortified ZOMGs with mortar, to de-fortify MOABs inside. r98 Upgrade mortar to 0-2-4 and move his target to de-fortify. New sub 0-0-0 then 0-4-0 for the r100 BAD. r99 re-target the mortar at the beginning of the path, use sabotage ability on first DDT r100 sub 0-4-0 ability (not needed, but with it the success is 100% guaranteed) Music Hardcore Demotune by 4mat

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