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Just some guy. Sorta Lurking a bit

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  1. Achievement Unlocked!

    TenSpeedX earned the River Rapids Bronze Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2020-07-09 09:25:16 UTC
  2. Achievement Unlocked!

    demogorgon earned the Present Delivery Silver Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2020-07-08 19:59:51 UTC
  3. Achievement Unlocked!

    JoeyRainstorm earned the Hearthside Silver Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2020-07-08 19:28:34 UTC
  4. posted an update

    happy 4th of july and if u dont like america i will defeat u in a musket fight for the honor of the nation

    2020-07-04 21:27:22 UTC
  5. posted an update

    stay torqued

    2020-06-24 22:55:40 UTC
  6. posted an update

    when you die, your soul is swallowed by the earth and it goes back to the centre earth world, where it lives its second life as a centre earth person. Water is made from harvesting the centre earth person souls in massive slave labor filled factories in southeast asia and south america where they have better access to the centrevents

    2020-06-09 01:49:57 UTC
  7. posted an update

    feeling rn like a tube sock someone let off a chunky one in

    2020-06-22 18:45:11 UTC
  8. posted an update

    u a no skill monkey

    2020-06-06 03:37:11 UTC
  9. posted an update

    leaning fccking hard

    2020-06-03 14:49:18 UTC
  10. posted an update

    jeffery epsteins friends released this virus

    2020-05-26 18:24:26 UTC
  11. posted an update

    ret4rded pus5y like a vegetable, put it on my pizza. crippled b1tches on my d1ck, but only for the visa

    2020-05-18 23:43:20 UTC
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