The Official Wilson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My username on the forums is Ancient Hawaii. So creative. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't have fun. It might get you banned. Now get out of my profile.

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  1. Achievement Unlocked!

    mrbloonsmaster earned the Necrophobe Achievement in SAS4

    2020-07-03 08:29:15 UTC
  2. Level Up!

    mrbloonsmaster just got more awesomer and has reached Level 38!

    2020-07-03 08:29:15 UTC
  3. posted an update

    the British are coming

    2020-06-24 09:16:20 UTC
  4. -Dead-

    Dark-matter 47-laserdash 48
    posted an update a monkey fits. :D (this is hard)

    2020-06-29 12:21:32 UTC
  5. -Dead-

    Dark-matter 47-laserdash 48
    Achievement Unlocked!

    -Dead- earned the Sweet Revenge Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2020-06-28 07:35:26 UTC
  6. -Dead-

    Dark-matter 47-laserdash 48
    posted an update

    I cant believe. x2 wild card I got. through it, 6 more wild card came out.

    2020-06-26 10:43:55 UTC
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