News 28 Jan 2014
Howdy there. I hoped I'd be able to get some information to you about the forums (and website) but I haven't been able to get everything together. Because of that this post is disappointingly short :o
That stuff will likely be in next week's blog (which should be on the right day without a public holiday in the way!)

There were a couple of other questions that I can't really say much about, but they'll do for now. I'll grab some questions from the comments under this post to edit into this post to fill it out a bit. That makes this a good time to ask those little questions that perhaps you've always wondered about.

What games are being worked on, and 
what'll be made into portable games?
Currently the only future game that is (kind of) announced is SAS4. Other games are not far enough into development to be able to even say they'll be finished just yet.
For portable versions future games, the answer is similar. There is a portable version of Bloons Monkey City being developed for the distant future (expect it in 2018 and you won't be disappointed)

Updates for current games
Bloons TD 5 and Bloons TD Battles have updates coming soon. Just the usual stuff here, but we're hoping to have the new Battles servers ready soon.


How exactly is city honor calculated within MvM?

Currently (it's (probably) going to change) the basic idea is:
You win more/lose less City Honor from winning/losing against someone with higher City Honor.
You win less/lose more City Honor from winning/losing against someone with lower City Honor.
It's generally going to be on a scale between 1 - 40 Honor. The actual calculations are too complicated to explain. A lot of fans would like to have the calculations, but we've found that it's wiser to keep it to ourselves.
On top of those calculations are some other calculations, but the main one is that if a low Honor player attacks a high Honor player (where higher Honor player has >600 Honor and double the lower Honor player) the higher Honor player cannot lose Honor, but can win Honor.
If the higher Honor player attacks a lower Honor player, no player can win or lose Honor.
Map, Difficult, Bloon boosts etc. do not affect Honor.
This is an Elo rating system, which is why it doesn't take difficulty/skill displayed in that particular game into account. 
Which port is used by multiplayer games (SAS3, BTDB, BTD5 co-op)?
The same port your browser uses (80)
Will there be a BTD6 or will BTD5 keep getting updates?
We mentioned future BTD games in the first or second blog post.
BTD5 will keep getting updates as long as it's worth spending the time on it.
Will there be a BSM2 update?
We wouldn't say never, but it's unlikely at the moment.
Is this "What's Up at Ninja Kiwi" replacing the weekly news letter? Or will that be revived?
It's not replacing it, no. 
It can be revived. I'll pass that suggestion on :)

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