News 13 Jan 2017

Hellooo everyone and welcome to the blog post for Friday the 13th of January :o I hope your Christmas/New Year/Holiday went and/or is still going well and you're ready to take on whatever crazy shenanigans happen in 2017. The NK offices are back up and running and the Dev teams are all fresh, ready to start delivering some fantastic games and content out to you all.


Bloons Monkey City Web - 2x Honor in Hardcore Mode

This week we got an update out for BMC web to remove the Winter theme and to make it so that playing MvM in Hardcore mode now give/take 2x Honor. This change should make the higher Honor achievement more accessible. There's a lot of AP available so if you gave up on those before or still haven't got them, I would definitely recommend playing some BMC web.


Tower Keepers

The Tower Keepers team is working hard on the next update, including bug fixes, language localisation and tweaks to make sure the game is the best it can be once it launches worldwide. New features and content are also in the pipeline. We're looking at late February for global launch.


Questions from the Comments:

Will Ninja Kiwi release web games at all?

All game development has moved away from Flash so there is only one "version" of each game (which wasn't always the case). We start with and focus on mobile because it is a bigger platform and doesn't have the same plugin/browser hurdles as we've had on web for the last year+. Once games are ready we will pack up a web/computer version for the site or perhaps Steam/Windows Store depending where the company is. At this stage we don't know how the accounts and AP might work for these games. Change isn't always easy but it's an exciting time and we will deliver the best experience we can.


No competition this week but I've got plenty of prizes to give out. If you have any ideas for fun competitions please leave a comment. Any questions or feedback are also more than welcome. Have a great weekend :)




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