News 01 Sep 2017

Welcome to the September 1st blog post!


Bloons TD Battles 4.6 - Balance Update!

This week we released version 4.6 for BTD Battles mobile, Steam and Windows store with a freshening spritz of balance changes! These tower and map changes are sure to shake up some strategies so check the patch notes for full details of the changes. We've also made the previously club-exclusive map, Hot Tub, available for all and added the brand new map Roadblock.




What's Going On This Week?

It's a long weekend in the US because of Labor Day on Monday, so all weekend sales will run one day more.

Tower Keepers: 2x Rewards in Hero Battles until Sunday, 3x Rewards on Monday. 2x Gems Sale with Gem Master passive event. Archer skin on sale!

BTD Battles: BFB on Friday, MOAB and MOAB Random Cards on Saturday, BFB Cards and BFB Club on Sunday, MOAB with no 4th tower and MOAB Club on Monday. Sales on Club Access and Skin Pack (Super Monkey, UFO, Farm and Boomer)

SAS4 Web: 5 day long Furie Championship finishing on Monday. Global event "The Working Dead" from Sunday through Monday. Sale on Epic Pack and Torment, Proton Arc and Zerfallen.

SAS4 Mobile: Virus Samples on Friday, Apocalypse on Saturday, LMS on Sunday and Apocalypse on Monday with 2 Black Boxes as reward. Epic Pack, Nantoniums and Handkanone, CM 505 and HIKS S4000 on sale!

BMC web and mobile: Daily Monkey Teams with MKPs as reward on Monday. Wild Card Knowledge packs on Sale (Wild and Ancient on mobile). Weekend long Festival of Bloonstones and Fireworks on mobile.

BTD5: Bomb Tower and Apprentice skins on sale. Double Monkey Money on Sunday and Monday. Bloonvasion, Totem Event and Blue bloon pops counting for the leader boards.

BSM2: Discount Price Sale.


Two Week NK Meme Competition Extravaganza!

This week's competition is for a meme about NK in some way or other. Make your meme, upload the image to imgur and then post it below with the game you'd like your prize in.

You have 2 weeks due to NZ Game Developer Conference next Friday.

This week's prize is a mystery prize for a game of your choice!


Please pick from the following:
BTD5, BMC, SAS4 web, Tower Keepers (Kongregate)
Battles, BMC, SAS4, Tower Keepers, Fortress Destroyer mobile

Include your mobile User ID if you're wanting a prize for mobile.


One entry per person
Terms apply
Entries must be in before 2pm, Friday 15th of September (New Zealand time)
If you would like a forum title change please include that in your entry.
Include your user name/platform user ID details in your entry.
Good luck!


Questions from the Comments:

Will the Siege map from BTD5 mobile arrive on web?
Not at this stage.
Why Thursday?
I couldn't say.
What platform is NK looking to develop web games on now?
WebGL is looking very promising.
Will BTD5 still be getting new Daily Challenges after BTD6's release?
It's unlikely but not decided either way yet.
If you were any projectile from any NK game, what would you be?
A single grape.
Aaron, what is the highest amount of stupid you can take in a question so that it is still able to be answered in a blog post?
A lot, you'll have to try a quite a bit harder than that.
Any news about Tower Keepers on
We have the account system working! Still a few pieces to put together and further testing and I can't give a date yet but it should be fairly close.