Cargo CHIMPS - Discount Strategy

Not a very original strategy... but it works for black border, I used Obyn's tree only once and it was in the wrong path, lol. New challenge for you: Little known fact 2 - BZEFUUW End of the road Deflation with $200,000 Round 44-90 500% bloon speed 500% MOAB speed 1000% ceramics health 1500% MOAB health Ezili plus a small subset of towers allowed Platform: iPad Pro Game Version: 11.0 video speed: ~7x (for the Cargo run ~2x otherwise) Music 1: Dna-Dream By 4-mat Info about this music: Music 2: Last Betrayal Remix By Hydra Info about this music: Music 3: Monday By Random Voice Info about this music:

You will need to be level 2 before being able to comment on the videos.