I am no longer playing on the Ninjakiwi website. I first joined 2014 and lasted through 2015, skipped 2016, and played April 2017- August 2, 2018. I hope you all have a great time playing but remember not to get too addicted. I never AP hunted. I do play BTD 6.

  • 38 Current Level Lord of Storms Level 38
  • Awesome 15140 This Week 0 Next Level 1360
  • Red-storm Clan Red Storm
  • Marks of Awesome 2
  • Marks of Honor 118
  1. GoMewy

    Xiii 22-meganthefox 38
    posted an update

    QOTD: What would be the 13 most important things about you?

    2019-10-15 01:00:51 UTC
  2. tytu

    Dark-matter Btd5_bomb 37
    posted an update

    hey btw guys and girls i turned 18 the other day last week lol you're talking to an adult now

    2019-10-05 02:11:01 UTC
  3. posted an update

    It's 2019 and I just discovered that the dartling gun specialty building allows you to lock your dartling gun

    2019-10-11 20:03:08 UTC
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