Bloons TD 5 Daily Challenges


Dark-matter Btd5_bomb 37
2 Forward - June 18, 2016
18 June 2016 01:53 AM
25-65 with Dart [Monkeys], 2/4 Tack [Towers], 3/3 Sniper [Monkeys], 4/2 Ninja [Monkeys], 2/4 Bomb [Towers], 2/3 Ice [towers] 2/4 [Monkey] Buccaneers, [Monkey] Aces, 3/4 Super [Monkeys], [Monkey] Villages, Spike Factories, and Monkey Sub[marines] By Sniper355

Starting cash: 7000
Lives: 150
Track: Down the Drain
Difficulty: Medium
Agents: No

Gonna do it rn but I will fail. Watch it happen.
  1. tytu

    Dark-matter Btd5_bomb 37
    tytu 18 Jun 2016 01:54 AM P.S. STOP USING THESE FORUMS GOSH PEOPLE

    There are newer forums with a much better format! Check em' out!
  2. Kaname_Kuran 19 Jun 2016 11:40 PM FITE MEH IRL TYTU

    EDIT: b4 mods/admins think im serious im jking, since I know you guys love banning peeps for no reason C:

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