News 20 Jan 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog post for January 20th, 2017!

We have had no releases this week, except to remove the holiday themes in BTD5 and Battles. Our development teams are working on more updates, including changes to clans and tournaments (including player accessible customization!) and a whole heap of balance changes for BTD Battles soon after that. New BSM2 and BTD5 mobile content is also being prepared and the Tower Keepers team are squishing those last bugs for the global launch... we hope to have a release candidate late next week ready for mid February launch with global domination following, naturally.

We're also nearly ready to announce one or two other games that we've been working on that are sure to get some of you talking. We're having many important discussions about how to show these and what sort of info works best.


Ninja Kiwi SAS4 Weapon Competition:

This week's competition is to draw a unique weapon of your own design. Draw it by hand or on your computer and upload the image to an image hosting site, link the picture in a comment below with a short description as well as what prize you want.

That prize? Albert Einstein Your choice of premium weapon in SAS4!

One entry per person
Entries close midday, Friday 27th January (NZ time)
Terms apply
SAS4 is a bit awkward with gifting premium weapons, so your patience is appreciated if it's not added right away, I'll make sure it happens! :)
If you want a title change for the forums, include that in your entry post.

Questions from the Comments:

Will there be a Battle Panic 2?
It's not something I see happening unfortunately. There aren't any plans for it and we have a slew of other ideas about new and returning IP that we're more likely to explore.
In Bloons Monkey City web, Does the attacker have any extra penalties or lose more honor if their attack is successfully defended in Hardcore Mode?
Nope! However it did apply to the attacker when the update first went out. This has been changed now.
Could you ask the SAS4 dev team what kept them from releasing the Sadeye?
It wasn't finished :(

That's all this week! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Good luck with your entries!




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