News 11 Nov 2016

Hello fellow humans! Welcome to the blog post for November 11, 2016. Bloons Super Monkey 2 mobile was released last week and Tower Keepers just before that in the Australia and New Zealand app stores. There's a Battles mobile update out now and everyone at Ninja Kiwi is looking towards the end of the year. We're working out what we'll be able to get done in the next 6 weeks and planning the year ahead with updates and new games just on the horizon.

It's been an exciting week and while there's uncertainty about the future, we're fairly sure we'll be able to deliver some Awesome directly to your brains to keep you entertained.


Battles Mobile 3.11

We're celebrating the launch of our brand new game Bloons Super Monkey 2 with an all new battle arena and map! Super Monkey Lane is a short and intense track that will need your very best strategies to defend. Watch out for the limited edition Bloons Super Monkey 2 Battle arena to play on this new and exclusive map!


NK Haiku Competition!

Last week I asked for an NK Haiku from you! Here are the 3 winners!


How much time to spend
Killing, Smashing, Bloodshed there
Daily life in SAS


Ninjas popping bloons
Don't worry about the leads
Flash Bomb will succeed


The bloons are coming
The Super Monkey is there
To pop some rubber


Questions from the Comments:

Can the contest Nantoniums give cores?
Unfortunately not.
What famous celebrity do you wish you could switch places with?
Mr President Trump.
When will BSM2 be coming out on the Kindle, and will it be free?
We're not sure if/when it will be available on Kindle, but it'll be the same price (not free).
What is your favourite monkey?
Ninja Monkey
Will there ever be new types of bloons?
We've got top monkeys looking to get this information as we speak.
What's the big grey MOAB-class bloon in the BMC special mission MOAB Graveyard?
Some sort of big, grey MOAB-class bloon ;)
Which one? Litten, Rowlet or Popplio?
Ah, the age old question. I'm leaning to Popplio at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by!