Bazaar - CHIMPS BlackBorder ( Admiral Brickell & Buffed Flagship )

? Feel free to join my Discord Server ? Hey guys. This is a brand new map released on Patch 18.0: Bazaar I decided to do a fun blackborder strategy with the new hero Admiral Brickell and the buffed Carrier Flagship Written Guide: R 6: Place 3 Darts R 7: Dart 010 on Strong R 8: Dart 020 R10: Dart 030 R11: Dart 230 R14: Ninja R15: Ninja 001 R x: Ninja 301 R24: Admiral Brickell R26: Alchemist on Strong R x: Alc 300 R32: Buccaneer ( As much Bot and Left as possible ) R33: Sub ( As much Bot and Left as possible ) R x: Sub 204 R40: Admiral Brickell Ability ( Naval Tactics ) R41: Remove Tree's + Place 2 Ninja's R42: Sub ( As much Bot and Left as possible ) R x: Sub 204 R48: Village R x: Village 220 R x: Buccaneer 320 R51: Alc R x: Alc 402 R58: Buccaneer 420 R74: Buccaneer 520 R75: Alc R x: Alc 402 R83: Sub 205 R85: Village 230 R x: Place 4 new Subs 204 R95: Activate Naval Tactics on DDT's R96: Alc 030 on Strong R97: Ninja 040 + Place Mega Mine ( Brickell's lvl 10 Ability ) R98: Activate Naval Tactics + Sabotage ( Ninja Ability ) + Upgrade Ninja to 040 + Place Super Mine R99: Start Round and use Sabotage + Buy 204 subs till you run out of money R100: Activate Naval Tactics when the BAD is next to the Dart Monkey. GG!!!! Songs: Teyeq - Pull Me Down (Radio Edit) Rameses B - Can't Let You Go (feat. Florenza) Julius Dreisig - Where'd You Go (feat. Luna Lark) Marin Hoxha & Caravn - Eternal

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