STRATEGY To Get XP - BTD Batlles

The BEST STRATEGY To Get XP Fast! Unlock all your Sabotage Powers! BTD Battles / Bloons TD Battles 6.3.2 Today I'll be showing you guys the fastest and best way to grind XP so you can unlock all the OP Sabotage Powers. This tutorial might be pretty helpful if you are still missing a lot of experience and want to unlock Team Tower Stun, Eco Choke and so on. I think this is the BEST strategy to get XP super fast, although it's only for speed. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, tell me if I should make more tutorial in the future. Remember to leave a like and sub to not miss out on the content ;) Join my Discord server if you want to play me: songs: LAKEY INSPIRED - Chill Day Trap Sax Beat - Nish

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