News 22 Mar 2019

Hey everyone, it’s Sav here again for this weeks blog!

What's been going on this week?

Lots in the pipe but only a couple updates this week. BTD Battles released a small stability update, and BTD5 added a beautiful new intermediate map, Ancient Tomb!

This weekend's focus:

What's going on this weekend.

- BTD6 -
Pile O' Monkey Money sale, T3 Insta Monkey Sale.
Boom Boom Pow Race this weekend.

- Tower Keepers -
On-going Zalus and Gold Master event.
Hero battles rewards x2, Gold Sale.

- BTD Battles -
Friday: MOAB - BFB, BFB cards and BFB OS
Saturday: MOAB, MOAB Card Club and MOAB Cards - BFB
Sunday: MOAB OS and MOAB cards - BFB, BFB Club
Monday: MOAB
Medallions Bag and Chest on sale.

- SAS4 web -
On-going Furie championship.
Sale on 5th premium gun set: A8, Laser Drill and Super Alpha LE
Epic pack sale.

- SAS4 Mobile -
LMS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday with Black Box as reward, VS on Sunday.
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 9th premium gun set: Contagion, Ahab and Calamity

- BMC web and mobile -
Daily monkey teams with knowledge pack on Sunday.
Knowledge Pack sale(ancient on mobile too).

- BTD5 -
Ongoing totem event lasting till Sunday.
Rainbow pops counting for the leaderboards. Ace skin on sale.

- BSM2 -
Discounted price sales.

Questions from the comments:

CAN ALL MONKEYS FLY like super monkeys
Not without help! Otherwise, why would the monkey aces and heli pilots need their banana powered machines?

Can dart monkeys throw darts with their tails?
Maybe some that have trained very hard but not most! Partly depends on whether you consider brushing darts along the ground for short distances “throwing.”

We have Pat's Pond, what should Quincy's map be?
The forest where he trained for many years to become an amazing archer! (Well, that’s how all the movies show archers training at least…)

What would happen if one (a monkey) were to ingest a small amount of Bloontonium?
We try not to imagine it....

What are your thoughts on a new map named "Rohan's Afro"? You know what it's all about!
I’m not sure we could ever capture the majesty of the afro.

Are you guys doing another live Q & A, like last summertime? That was awesome!
We don’t have any plans for it at the moment but it is something we’ve talked about doing again.

Are you guys planning on an Office tour? That'll honestly be super awesome.
We would really like to do one soon! Keep an eye out!

Is Rohan an octopus?
Pfffft. No. Nah. Not at alllll. On an unrelated note, where exactly did you hear those rumors? I need names.


Have a very happy weekend everyone and we will see you all next week!


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