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What's been going on this week?

Happy June everyone! Can you believe we are already halfway through the year? It’s going too fast! BTD6’s anniversary is coming up next week so keep an eye out on social media for some really cool things!

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved in our Fanart competition over on the BTD6 Reddit! The winner is... u/FreeFGP!

Check out the post here for a full list of our honorable mentions as well!

Our one and only JoeyRainstorm wanted to share his fan art with you all. So here you have it folks. Some quality content for you all to admire. 

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 -
Pile O' Monkey Money sale, T3 Insta Monkey Sale.
"Give me that; You have the little one." Race this weekend. 

- BATTD - 
Sai Adventure Pack, Character Bundle Pack and Dungeon Finn on sale. 

- Tower Keepers -
Hero battles rewards x2, Gold Sale.
Skilled Adept event and Enter the Arena Campaign. 

- BTD Battles -
Friday: MOAB OS - BFB, BFB Cards
Saturday: MOAB club, MOAB cards - BFB, BFB Cards 
Sunday: MOAB - BFB, BFB Card Club, BFB Club
Monday: MOAB
2x Medallions with Bag and Chest on sale. 

- SAS4 web -
LMS on Friday, Apoc with boss bounty for Alloy on Saturday and VS on Sunday with Black items as rewards.
Sale on Epic pack and 6th premium gun set: Ricochet, CM 352 and CM 467

- SAS4 Mobile -
VS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday, LMS on Sunday with Black Box as reward.
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 10th premium gun set: T189, CM Starfury and Banshee

- BMC web and mobile -
Daily monkey teams with knowledge pack on Sunday.
Knowledge Pack sale(ancient on mobile too).

- BTD5 -
Preferred Monkey rotating every 3 hours. Golden Bloon starting Monday. 
ZOMG pops counting for the leaderboards. Sub skin on sale. 

- BSM2 -
Double blops and boosters.

Questions from the comments:

Will there be an update to SAS 4 soon?
At this point, SAS4 won’t be receiving another update. Our team is currently focused on other projects and with such a small team, we don’t have the dev time at the moment.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would it be for Crafting to be included in SAS 5 when it eventually is made?
We try not to rule anything out or guarantee anything as we don’t want to disappoint people or rain on their parades but it will be looked at when the time comes.

About hulk vs pat thing. Pat would give hulk a really good hug so hulk will calm down and hug back. Yey. Also WHERE THE FRICK ARE THE PATCH NOTES!!
Since there has been no new update, there have been no new patch notes. We know you are all eagerly awaiting the next update but just hold out a bit longer!

Any plans for an official Ninja Kiwi Battles Tournament again?
Not at this stage, folks!

Spaghetti Eggs?
Like this?

What's the funniest and what's the weirdest question that you've been asked? And what were the answers?
We’ve been asked a lot! I personally like these ones:
"Will BTD6’s coop mode be called “co-pop”?
I can only hope.
this isnt a question but is it a question
It’s questionable."

Are you going to do something for the game's one year anniversary, I'm just curious. Also, when is the next update coming?
We may have something planned. Who knows? ;) No ETA for an update as we don’t want to disappoint our players if we do have to delay the update for any reason!

Wait do you guys ACTUALLY have a shrine set up for Aaron?! That's amazing! I love Aaron!
His old desk hasn’t been touched and there’s a big plush monkey wearing an NK shirt that we’ve named Aaron. It won’t ever replace him truly but at least he’s with us in some way!

What's for dinner?
Spaghetti Eggs

How are Heli Pilots only able to blow back Bloons once they have the Downdraft upgrade?
They just get really close to the ground while the others are higher up.

I've tried to cook pizza at home by your recipe, but playing cards and cans of energy drink on a dough was not tasty
Maybe add cheese?

If you had to drink any condiment straight from the bottle, which would it be?
Tomato Sauce but only if I had to.

What are the top 3 hardest challenges that you have received in btd 6?
We’ve had some super, super tough ones! Here are three we had submitted:
ZAQWE51'S Challenge ~By ZAQWE51'S
Rapid Currents ~By MikpinRYB
Square Peg in a Round Hole ~By Psychomaniac14
Here are some we have seen that we thought were super crazy but don’t have player names for them and that you can play!
Angry Sub ? - LZCLWUL
DragnBombGamin’s Challenge ~By DragnBombGamin - HZCRRSL
Cannon Boi - LZCASYU

Top 10 monkeys?
They are all great in their own ways and we just couldn’t possibly rank them! (But Druid is pretty cool, just sayin’)


Happy gaming and have a great weekend everyone!


- Sav and Tarn

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