News 18 Oct 2019

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Hey Ninjas, what’s popping? Tarn and Sav here to bring you the blog

What's been going on this week?

Bloons TD Battles received update 6.4.2. This fixed the following: 

  • An issue with powers still being able to be used after Power Lock was used against the player

  • Using Power Lock no longer greys out the power icons for the remainder of the match

Bloons TD 6 received another small update on Steam only. 

  • This fixes an issue with joining co-op games and getting the error "Game versions not compatible"

*Note* Challenges made on Steam 12.3 will not be playable for mobile players on 12.1

If you’re a fan of Bloons TD 6 you can head over to Reddit and vote for your favourite Bloons TD 6 tower!

Batten Down the Hatches race results:
1st: tsp - 1 minute and 57 seconds
2nd: TobiBloon439 - 1 minute and 59 seconds
3rd: T  - 2 minutes
4th: NoSniping - 2 minutes and 5 seconds
5th: exephur - 2 minutes and 9 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 -
Pile O' Monkey Money sale, T3 Insta Monkey Sale.
"All in Together" Race this weekend.

- BATTD - 
Martian games: Ongoing clones, half cash, and wizard attack. 
Clones and more camo starting Sunday.
Flame Prince Adventure Pack, Jake Adventure Pack and Character Bundle Pack on sale.  

- Tower Keepers -
Hero battles rewards x2, Gem Sale.
On going Learned Scholar event and Zalus.

- BTD Battles -
Friday: MOAB card, MOAB - BFB CARD, BFB Boosts only, BFB Random 15 
Saturday: MOAB card, MOAB, MOAB Club - BFB, BFB Card
Sunday: MOAB, MOAB Card- BFB, BFB Boosts Only, BFB Card Club
Monday: MOAB
2x Medallions with Chest of Medallions and Bag of Medallions on sale. 

- SAS4 web -
LMS on Friday, VS on Saturday with black items as rewards and Apoc on Sunday. 
Sale on Epic pack and 2nd premium gun set: Donderbus, RIA 15SE and Torment

- SAS4 Mobile -
LMS on Friday, VS on Saturday with Black items as rewards, Apoc on Sunday. 
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 2nd premium gun set: Donderbus, RIA 15SE and Torment

- BMC web and mobile -
Daily monkey teams with knowledge pack on Saturday.
Halloween event starting Friday and lasting two weeks. 
Knowledge Pack sale(ancient on mobile too).

- BTD5 -
Bloonvasion starting Friday and ending Monday 
Halloween Event starting Thursday 24th and running for two weeks. 
Green Pink counting for the leaderboards. Wizard Skin on Sale. 

- BSM2 -
Double blops and boosters.

Questions from the comments: 

How's Aaron doing? Does he play TD 6? Is he sometimes active within the Ninja Kiwi?
We hope so! He is still out, traveling the world!

There is possible to get any Tier 5 Insta Monkey?
You can get them through getting first in the race or through collection events! :) 

What were the heroes doing before they were called into action?
Honing their skills and talents. 

Why is the advanced challenge only accessible by turning off one's internet on co-op challenge days? Seems like a waste to make the effort to pick out a challenge and not display it to everyone.
Currently, the Co-op challenges will replace the Advanced Challenge bi-weekly. While most players have an active internet connection at all times there are still some that don’t or prefer to play offline. The offline AC is intended for them.

What do monkeys do in their free time?
Relax on the beach, sipping banana smoothies. 

How does the Black and White Bloons to fit 2 Pinks at once but they're still small, smaller than Red Bloons?
If we start asking why instead of how to stop them, then they have already won...

The blimp in MOAB Graveyard.. is bigger than the ZOMG.. it's even bigger than the current BAD. What could it have been? ._.
We are still trying to determine its origins. 

Could there ever be an event in BTD6 for the gold bloon?
I’d call that a “golden opportunity” for an update idea

How did the MOAB Maulers get made in BTD5? Necromancers didn't exist back then, right?
That you saw….

Is there a special training center for the heroes? E.g. doctor monkey's laboratory
It is all done within the monkey academy 

What type of government do the monkeys have? Democratic? How often do they hold elections, and who is the current president?
If we learned anything for Mowgli and the King of the jungle (King Louie), then we can assume they are apart of a monarchy. 

Is there any chance we will get events in BTD6 with the boss bloons, like Blastapopulous, Vortex etc.?
At this point, there isn’t anything confirmed, but there have been a lot of talks in the office about possible new events. Boss bloons are popular so they have been part of those conversations. 

Is Gwen a gamer?
She just signed up for 1 years worth of Apple Arcade and can’t stop playing Hot Lava and that other game, Reign of Red? 

Why isn't Dr. Monkey in the game, like a Tower or Hero?
He’s very busy with research and needs to focus on that at the moment. 

If we can support the funding, do you suppose Engineers, Churchill, and Dr. Monkey could start research into constructing fully-automatic long-range dartling guns?
Put those 3 brilliant minds in the same room and you’re bound to witness the creation of something magnificent. Maybe they’re working on new weapons technology, maybe they’re working on a solution to better the entire monkey race, or maybe, they’re dancing and singing till the night fades into a distant memory. Who knows?

If one marine summoned by special poperations is so powerful, why don't we see the entire marine corps join the battle? Or other branches of the monkey miltary?
The marine has a particular set of skills; skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for bloons across the universe.

Any plans on making the website more mobile-friendly? I use it on mobile a lot, and it’s starting to become tedious.
Feel free to email us via support for any QoL you’d like to see on the mobile version of the website. 

How do towers and heroes feel after getting nerfed?
It’s like the second day after a big workout. Everything hurts, but it’s better in the long run. 


Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to seeing what questions and comments you have for us next week! 


-Savarn (aka, Sav and Tarn)

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