Up and coming 21 Jun 2013
Hey Ninjas! 

This Week's Video is a special one!

The first Ninja Kiwi Insider Session introduces Danny, our Head of Mobile Technology at Ninja Kiwi Europe! For the first time ever you can see the faces of the team behind the games you love to play. If you're interested in seeing more Insider Sessions and meeting more of the team, let us know! 

We also reveal an exclusive teaser image of our Upcoming Game later this year! 

The Video Challenge this week is also new! Can you guess what the name of the track will be from the teaser image at the end of the video? 500 Monkey Money is up for grabs for anybody who can correctly identify this map in the comment section of the video! 

Watch the video here:

Have a great weekend and Goodluck everyone!

Dan ^_^
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